4 Alternatives to Dental Implants

Dental implants are a widely accepted method of replacing a missing tooth. In the United States alone, there are over 5 million implant procedures conducted by dentists every year.

Dental implants are versatile, comfortable, they look just like real teeth and they offer a near perfect fit. 

However, the downside of dental implants is that they are quite expensive. 

Here are 4 dental implant alternatives that work and look the same way and they are very affordable.

Tooth-Support Bridge

A tooth-support bridge is a non-implant method of replacing one or multiple teeth. They’re called bridges because they can cover the gap where you have a missing tooth.

The solution is quicker than implants and looks very natural.

A tooth-support bridge is the perfect option in situations where there is a missing tooth in between natural teeth.

Advantages of having a tooth-support bridge over dental implants include:

  • A tooth-support bridge procedure doesn’t include extensive surgery or bone grafts
  • You only need to visit your dentist twice to complete the procedure
  • Much more affordable

In most cases, the tooth-support bridge won’t be covered by insurance. However, it comes with a lower cost upfront.

The price of a tooth-support bridge procedure can cost between $2,000 and $5,000. However, the price is determined by a few factors such as:

  • Your location
  • Number of teeth needed to carry out the procedure
  • The material used to make the replacement teeth
  • The complex nature of your bridge placement

Partial Denture

Partial dentures are removable dentures used to replace multiple natural teeth in your lower or upper jaw.

It is a colored plastic base that’s attached to a replacement tooth.

Sometimes, you might need a metal framework to hold partial dentures in place so the natural teeth don’t change positions when your missing teeth get replaced.

Here are some benefits of having a partial denture instead of costly dental implants:

  • The partial denture procedure is less invasive than a dental implant procedure would be
  • Getting partial denture is not as time-consuming as dental implants
  • The partial denture procedure doesn’t need you to have a specific amount of jawbone material 

The price ranges between $650 to $2,500 for a partial denture procedure. Bear in mind that the figure listed refers to a lower or upper partial denture and not both.

Furthermore, the final cost of your partial denture is dependent on the type of insurance coverage that you have and the number of teeth you want to replace. Many people will be happy to learn that their insurance covers most of the cost. And some lucky people will have full coverage for this procedure. 

Resin Bonded Bridge

The resin bonded bridge and the tooth-support bridge work in a similar way. However, the tooth-support bridge is much less invasive.

Instead of using caps on the natural teeth to hold the bridge in place, your dentist will place resin on the back of your teeth to attach them to the bridge.

Here are some benefits of having a resin bonded bridge instead of dental implants:

  • Resin won’t damage or compromise your natural teeth
  • You can easily reverse this type of bridge if you don’t like it
  • A resin bonded bridge is cheaper than dental implants

On average, the price ranges between $1,500 to $2,500 for a resin bonded bridge. However, just like the tooth-supported bridge, the price of your resin procedure will vary based on the size of the bridge as well as your insurance coverage. 

A Temporary or Immediate Denture

A temporary denture is a removable denture that your dentist can install in your mouth after extracting your tooth and take it out when your permanent dentures are available to be put in.

The temporary denture is a prosthetic tooth that’s manufactured from top-quality acrylic resin.

There are many benefits to temporary dentures compared to dental implants: 

  • The process of acquiring a temporary denture is non-invasive and short
  • They are a cheaper option compared to dental implants
  • They are very easy to wear and offer comfort

The cost of a temporary denture is between $300 to $500. However, your dental insurance should partially cover some of the cost or maybe even the full cost. 


When it comes to filling gaps from missing teeth, most people prefer to proceed with dental implants.

However, if you can’t afford dental implants, leverage the alternatives to dental implants that are listed above to take care of your dental problem.