Affordable Dental Care Near You

Many dentists in your city are now offering free checkups, cleanings and other services. See below for everything you need to know.

Maintaining high quality oral health is an important component to someone’s overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, dental care can be quite expensive and as a result many people choose not to stay up to date with their regular checkups and dentist visits. This can lead to tooth decay, cavities and eventually the loss of teeth.

The good news is that there are a number of programs available to help people afford dental care even if they do not have a lot of money. It is estimated that 33% of Americans have not seen a dentist in over one year and have no forms of dental care. The most commonly given reason for not going to the dentist is because of the high cost. Many people are concerned they do not have enough money to cover the dental bills and as a result they put off seeing a dentist for years and years.

Here are some programs to take advantage of if you would like to find a dentist who offers free services in your city.

Community Health Centers

The Bureau of Primary Care manages and oversees federally-funded health centers in every state across the country. These centers provide low cost or free services, which includes dental care. By reaching out to a center in your town or city you can inquire about the services on offer. This can include things such as regular checkups, routine screenings and annual teeth cleanings.

To find the health center closest to you go to this website and search for the center nearby. We recommend you then contact your local health center to find out which dental services are being offered as this changes on a state by state basis.

Dental Schools

Another cost effective option for dental care is to seek out dental schools in your area. These dental schools provide free dental services to people. The reason they offer free dental care is because they need to teach the students and give them real world experience.

Some people are concerned about the idea of receiving dental care from a student. Although this concern is understandable, it is not justified. Dental students are always supervised by a certified dentist with 10+ years of real world experience, which means that you will be in good hands during your dental examination.

To find a dental school offering discounted or free dental services in your city, check out the American Dental Association’s website for a complete listing of dental schools close to you.

One great website for people without dental coverage is This website has built a database of all the free dental clinics in the United States. You are able to search either by state or by zip code to get a complete listing of everything that is available close by to you.

In addition to providing information about free dental services, also lists a number of affordable and subsidized dental offices that you can choose to visit.

When you visit you will be able to search listings for dental clinics near you that offer low cost, affordable or even free dental services. This website covers all 50 states and provides the contact information for all of the dental clinics so you can contact them directly and inquire about availability.

Many satisfied people have used the directory to locate dentists that offer significant discounts or even things such as free checkups and cleanings.

Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy is a non-profit organization which is focused on offering dental care to people without the resources to pay for it themselves. Mission of Mercy typically operates mobile clinics where dentists and hygienists travel to neighborhoods and offer free x-rays, cleanings, checkups, exams and cavity fillings.

You can see the schedule of dental clinics and locations by visiting the Mission of Mercy website. From here it is recommended you contact them and book a session so that you can be treated when their mobile clinic visits your community.

In Conclusion

It is possible to receive dental services such as checkups, cleanings and examinations without having to pay anything out of your own pocket. There are many different services and organizations that help people afford the dental care they need. If you have been putting off visiting a dentist for one year or more, it is worth checking out the organizations discussed in this article.