Best Toilet Papers For Seniors

Below is a list of the 6 top toilet paper you can stock in your bathroom. We’ve categorized them according to their softness, strength, and even eco-friendliness.

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Most individuals rarely think about toilet paper unless there is only a little bit remaining on the roll. And even when they purchase toilet paper, they don’t care about the brand as long as it’s a toilet paper. But this is where they are wrong. Toilet paper brands differ a lot depending on the softness, plushness, absorbency, and strength.

A quality tissue will feel soft on your skin, but a low-quality tissue will tear easily and feel rough if you have sensitive skin. It’s therefore important for customers to learn how to select high-quality tissues, so they can make an informed decision.

Factors to Bear in Mind When Purchasing Toilet Papers

Toilet papers from different brands serve the same function, but don’t assume they are similar. Each toilet brand has a unique characteristic that sets them apart. This section tries to address the unique characteristics that differentiate high-quality and low-quality tissue papers.  

Environmental Impact

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you believe in preserving the environment? Then you should search for eco-friendly tissue made from renewable resources like bamboo. As such, you can reduce your ecological footprint.

Traditionally eco-friendly toilet papers have underperformed compared to their standard-paper counterparts. But today, that’s not the case. Advances in technology means that people won’t have to sacrifice quality anymore when they’re shopping for eco-friendly toilet papers.


Three materials are often used to make toilet paper. The materials include:

  • Fibers from wood: Fibers are used to make standard or virgin toilet papers. They’re usually cut into strips, bleached, and then converted into toilet paper rolls. Standard toilet papers are affordable and readily available.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo tissue papers are derived from bamboo fibers. Unlike hardwood or softwood fibers, bamboo fibers are a renewable resource, meaning toilet papers made from them are more sustainable.
  • Recycled: These toilet papers are not manufactured from used toilet papers. Instead, there are produced from recycled papers, including newspapers. As a result, you’re receiving sustainable and environmentally friendly rolls.


When purchasing toilet paper, you should always check its softness (it’s a crucial aspect). Whether you’re using the toilet paper in the bathroom or using it as facial tissue, try to select a tissue paper that’s plush and soft with no rough feeling.

To determine the softness of a tissue paper, sensory experts evaluate its feel in rooms with controlled humidity and temperature. The pliability of the tissue also affects the toilet paper softness. Pliable tissue tends to be very soft.


“Ply” here means the number of layers that form each sheet of tissue. Ply determines the absorbency and strength of a tissue paper.

  • 1-Ply: Most tissue found in public places and business areas have one layer. These tissues are ideal for individuals who require a product that dissolves quickly in their plumbing and septic systems.
  • 2-Ply: The most commonly used tissue in many households. It features two layers, which makes it more absorbent and softer compared to 1-Ply toilet paper.
  • 3-Ply: Here tissues have three layers, which gives them a plushier, luxurious feel. While the 3 layers make each sheet of toilet paper durable, it affects their dissolving rate. Therefore, these toilet papers are not recommended for homes with septic tanks.

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Strength and durability are also key characteristics of top-quality tissue. A durable tissue will last longer and you won’t have to use so many rolls. In a way, durable tissues are economical and environmentally friendly.  In most cases, 2-ply toilet papers are strong, but not as strong as 3-ply toilet paper brands.

the cost of each sheet will help you decide whether the brand is best suited for your budget.

Our Top Selections

To help customers select the best products, we’ve researched and listed down several top-notch toilet papers that will meet both your needs, preferences, and budget. During our research, we took into consideration several factors, including material, sheets per roll, environmental impact, softness, and strength.

Best Overall: Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

The Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care family toilet paper comes with 2-ply tissue paper featuring 325 sheets. It’s not only economical but also absorbent, durable, and soft.

This toilet paper scores highly in terms of visual analysis: It doesn’t peel or leave pieces behind, plus the 2 layers don’t separate easily. Furthermore, it’s highly absorbent and works exceptionally in dry or wet conditions.

Its 2-ply construction gives the tissue a plush feeling. It also has an excellent feel and rippled texture, which delivers an ultra-clean performance.

The toilet paper is environmentally friendly: It follows eco-friendly forest practices set by the  Forest Stewardship Council. It’s soft and safe for plumbing and septic tanks. It dissolves easily despite not being thick.

When you purchase Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare, you will receive four packs each with six rolls, meaning you’ll have 24 toilet paper rolls.

Runner Up: Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Every Angel Soft pack contains 36 mega rolls, and each roll features 425 sheets. Therefore, it’s economical than most popular brands in the market. Besides being economical, this tissue paper offers users excellent strength and softness at an affordable cost.

Just like Cottonelle Ultra, it has a 2-ply construction, which makes it absorbent and durable. It’s also safe for septic tanks and sewers. In terms of sustainability, Angel Soft papers meet sourcing standards set by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Most Sustainable: Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper, 100% Recycled

This tissue paper is arguably the most sustainable toilet paper today. It’s not only designed from 100% recycled paper but also packed in 100% recyclable materials.

The Seventh Generation White Toilet paper is free from chlorine, dyes, fragrances, and inks. It’s septic safe, plus you can use it in low-flow toilets (those in Campers and RVs). With this tissue you’ll receive two packs with 12 rolls, each containing 240 sheets.

Soft Pick: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Individuals who wish to purchase soft and plush toilet paper will love the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush option. This toilet paper contains a pressed 3-ply construction, which makes it more absorbent and thicker than most toilet papers in the market.  

The Quilted Northern Plush contains three packs with eight rolls. Each toilet paper roll has 319 sheets of paper. Although the manufacture markets this tissue paper as septic and sewer safe, it’s not. It’s so thick, meaning it can cause septic tank or plumbing issues. It’s environmentally friendly since it meets the sourcing standards set by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Upgrade Pick: Betterway Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

As we said earlier, traditional eco-friendly toilet papers are usually considered less plush than their standard counterparts. However, the Betterway Organic Bamboo toilet paper is different: It’s plushier and feels more luxurious.

It’s made from organic, hand-selected bamboo that’s free from dye, added fragrance, and BPA. It’s the perfect toilet paper for people with sensitive skin. To improve its grip, its 3 -ply layer is textured.

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Betterway Organic Bamboo pack comes with 12 rolls, and each roll contains 360 lint-free sheets. The manufacture uses organically grown bamboo, meaning it’s free from herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. Also, the product’s packaging is made from recycled cardboard.