Free Online Courses That Can Help Your Career

These free online certification courses can help you boost your resume, stand out from the crowd, and start earning more in no time.

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So why are you not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity?

By leveraging online certification courses, you’ll be able to upgrade your existing skills, learn new ones, position yourself as a true leader in your chosen field and advance your career.

If you wish to move forward in your career, all you need to do is to search for free certifications courses online that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few online certification courses that you can leverage to make you more marketable and ready for your next big break.

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This digital marketing course provided by Google is a perfect opportunity for you to understand the essentials of digital marketing.

At the end of the course, you’ll be certified and accredited by the Open University and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe.

The fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a 40 hours course that contains 26 different education sections which you can complete at your pace.

The course was put together by the best minds in the field of digital marketing and once you finish the course, you’ll be equipped with the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Coursera: Financial Markets

This is a course that will surely look amazing on your resume. The Financial Markets online certification course is made available by Yale University via a partnership with Coursera.

It is a free course that anyone can take; by taking the course, you’ll understand how the financial markets work. You’ll also build financial leadership skills and receive a certificate by the time you finish the course.

The Yale University financial markets course consists of multiple sections and it will take you about 6 hours max to finish each section.

As long as you’re in the financial sector, this course will be a good fit for you. You’ll be working on real-life concepts like insurance, securities and banking.

Oxford Home Study Centre: Customer Services Course

This Customer services course made available by Oxford Home study center is an amazing opportunity for you to upgrade your customer relationship skills.

It is perfect for newbies who want to test the waters of the customer service sector.

Once you finish the course, you’ll learn how to evaluate what a customer needs, be an expert when it comes to customer relations; know everything there is to know about handling complaints from customers and building great relationships with customers.

The course is free and easy to complete. It consists of 5 units and it’s a 20-hour course. To enroll in the course, you don’t need to provide anything; you can start learning today.

Alison: Fundraising for the Non-profit

If you have the passion or ambition to work for Non-profit organizations in the future or perhaps you’re already working in the industry; this can benefit you immensely.

This free course provided by Alison online under the supervision of Christine Benninger, the Ex-President of Humane Silicon Valley will teach you how to write financial plans, be an expert in fundraising and assist non-profits to reach financial success.

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This course and its components were designed by Stanford University and it will only take you two hours to finish it.

Once you complete the course, your certificate will be available to you instantly.

Coursera: Machine Learning

Technology, as we all know, is rapidly rising every year and you can leverage this Machine learning course provided by Coursera under the tutelage of Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University; who is also a co-founder of Coursera.

Even if you have no degree, it doesn’t matter; you can still leverage this course and join the tech industry.

This amazing course will prepare you as you find your feet in the programming world.

Once you complete the course, you would have mastered the practical and theoretical applications of machine learning, effective machine learning techniques and how to apply machine learning to real-life situations to solve problems.

Hubspot: Certification in Content Marketing

This content marketing course made available by Hubspot was made to teach you the fundamentals of content marketing.

The course consists of 14 lessons, 54 videos and 11 quiz questions to test what you have learned.

By the time you’re done with this course; you would have become a top-rated content writer with knowledge on how to create marketing content and use the content to achieve your goals.

You’ll be able to work for digital marketing agencies as a content writer or you could offer your services as a freelance writer online and earn a living.

The course is free and takes 6 hours 30 minutes to complete.

Coursera: Brand Management

This Coursera brand management course will benefit you immensely if you want to be a branding specialist. The course was designed by the amazing London Business School under the tutelage of several branding experts.

Each of the video lessons in the course was structured to teach you how to build and manage brands, integrate human resource practice, consider geography and culture, provide value to brands and evaluate brand health.

Once you complete this course, there is a huge possibility that you may get a promotion, a raise or get a juicy job opportunity because this skill is one of the sought-after skills in the world today.

Make sure you add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile or resume once it’s available to you.


Are you looking for a new job, do you wish to get a raise or promotion; leverage the various online certification courses to learn new skills and be more valuable to your organization and the marketplace.

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There are so many free certification courses online that you can take advantage of today and if you don’t fancy the ones listed above, search online for more as there are a lot more from where we got the ones we listed.