How People Are Getting Deals on Storage Units

Do you have too much stuff and want to move some of it to storage? We’ve rounded up all the best deals right here so you can save a fortune on self-storage, including $1/month options.

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If so, you need to look for storage units that can protect your valuables without costing you a fortune in fees. Many people choose to get a storage unit so they can keep their possessions while freeing up space in their homes.

According to a survey, there are 50,000 storage facilities in the United States of America. It means you can easily find a storage space for your needs. But you need to do some homework before choosing a storage unit. We’ve gathered some information that may help you save some money.

Each Storage Facilities is Different

You need to prepare a list of the things you want to store before you start looking for a storage facility. For instance, if you’re storing some sensitive items you’d need a space that offers a climate-controlled environment.

Then you need to determine the right size of the unit that can accommodate your needs. Sometimes, you might need more than one unit to store your equipment. If you want to move your items in and out on a regular bases you should choose a storage unit with enough wiggle room so that you can easily make adjustments.

You can visit the website of storage facilities to get an accurate estimate of the space required for your goods. You can start looking for storage facilities once you’ve determined the appropriate size and function. But there are other things you need to keep in mind because all facilities are not the same.

Climate Control

You need to choose the climate-controlled environment if you’re planning to store sensitive electronics, family heirlooms, wine, furs, musical instruments or antique furniture.

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Make sure that you do not choose a facility located in a high-crime area. You can consider choosing an out-of-the-way facility if you don’t want to access your goods very often.

Security and Cleanliness

You must read online reviews to find out if the storage facility offers a high level of security and cleanliness.

Payment Policies

Before signing the contract, you must carefully read the fine print. Some storage facilities can auction off your possessions if you don’t pay the fees on time.

Negotiating the Price

Of course, you can negotiate the price of a storage unit. You should confidently ask the manager for a discount even if it’s a fixed price unit. Landlords need to make money from these units and they can’t keep them empty for a long time. If they have a high vacancy rate you are more likely to receive a discount.

Before making a decision you should check the prices of different storage units in that area to get a clear idea of where to start. This comparison shopping will help you know what prices are reasonable in your local area.

Some facilities offer the first month free and some offer special rates for new customers like $1 for the first month. Some facility owners will also agree to discount the price if you offer them a long term contract. You may ask for a locked-in rate if you’re willing to book the unit for at least several months.  Another useful way to get a discount is to pay the advance fee for a few months in advance.

We recommend taking a look at the cancellation policies before you pay in advance. In some situations, the tenant is supposed to pay the rent on the lease along with the cancellation fee. Therefore, you must carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract.

You may also get find attractive deals from websites like Groupon. Some local self storage companies will post deals on these sites to attract new customers.

The chances of getting an affordable storage space can be increased if you partner with a family member who is also looking for storage space. You can simply share a unit with the family member or you can get a discount on two separate units. You can also get the referral fees from the storage facilities by sending them new business.

Set a Deadline

We recommend using self-storage as a short term solution. The better way to enhance your living space is to dispose of the items that aren’t useful anymore. In most cases, the people end up spending thousands of dollars on accessories that aren’t even worth it. Therefore, you must set a deadline and try to empty the unit as soon as possible.

Many people set a 1-year deadline. Any possessions they move to self storage and then don’t use for the next year get donated or thrown in the trash.

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