How to Find Affordable Lawn Care Services

It has never been cheaper or easier to get a beautiful, well-groomed lawn for pennies on the dollar.

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Having a nice lawn can give major curb appeal to any property, as well as a sense of satisfaction to the homeowner. Even better than that, having a beautiful lawn has been proven to increase the value of a home which is very important for anybody who might be considering selling their home in the near future. Many studies have shown that improving the quality of your lawn is the single best return on investment you can make with regards to improving your property value.

In the past it might have been costly and time consuming to keep your lawn in tip top shape. But that is not the case any more thanks to a number of local lawn care companies that are offering generous promotions.

Benefits of Using a Professional Lawn Care Service  

The single greatest benefit of using a professional lawn care service is that it will save you a lot of time. You no longer have to cut the grass, fertilize it or aerate your lawn. Senior citizens can benefit greatly from no longer having to complete these tasks, as they can be quite tiresome or even dangerous for seniors to perform.

In addition to saving you time, a professional lawn care company is much likely to have better equipment and fertilizer than you would have sitting in your garage. They will regularly come to your property to provide the required service, so you no longer need to worry about when the right time is to service your lawn.

Another great benefit of using a professional service is that they will apply the fight fertilizers and pesticides to your lawn. You do not need to keep these items in stock or worry about the proper way to apply these products.

How to Find an Affordable Lawn Care Service

When you are looking to hire a professional lawn care service, we recommend you measure your lawn and know its exact dimensions prior to requesting a quote. It is also wise to inquire on exactly what services are available and determine what you need. For example, you can opt for grass cutting only, or you can also choose to get additional services like fertilizer, soil checks and watering the lawn.

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Once you know how large your lawn is, start calling around to local companies and see exactly how much they will charge you. Each lawn care service can cost as little as $30 and for under $40 you should expect to receive grass cutting, plant trimming, edging and cleanup.

If you choose to exclude extra services like weed control, pesticides and lawn aeration it is possible to keep your costs quite low and save even more money.

We recommend starting your quest to find a local lawn care company with an online search. This will pull up a variety of different local companies that can service your property. An online search will also surface any online reviews the lawn care companies have. These online reviews offer a wealth of information regarding the quality standards, timeliness and professionalism of the company in question.

It is a wise move to only request quotes from local lawn care companies that have a four star rating or higher on the online review sites. This ensures that you will be receiving service from a company with a track record of delivering high quality work to its customers.

It is also wise to ask local lawn care companies for any discounts they offer. Many lawn care companies will offer senior discounts to anybody over the age of 60 who would like to have a professional organization take over the task of maintaining their lawn. There are also discounts available for veterans and new customers. Many companies will also offer a 50% discount on the first service for new customers.

In Conclusion  

Given how cheap and inexpensive it has become to hire a professional lawn care service, it makes you question why anybody would want to continue doing this chore themselves. It is now possible to hire a lawn care company for as little as $30 and receive a beautiful lawn.

Start your online search today for a local lawn care company and remember to get multiple quotes in writing before you agree to any service. Try and stick to companies that have a number of positive reviews online so that you can make sure that the company you hire will do a good job.

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