How to Find Labor Day Mattress Sales

Labor Day weekend is the best time of year to find savings on mattresses. We’ve rounded up the best deals to help you save big on a new mattress.

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It’s no secret – upgrading your mattress opens up a world of comfort. Not only does it increase your sleep quality but also reduces back pain and helps you wake up feeling more refreshed.

However, purchasing a new mattress can be costly and frustrating. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Labor Day weekend is the best time. Mattress companies and retailers offer customers deep discounts for holiday weekends, and the Labor Day sales have already started.

Labor day is the “Black Friday” for mattresses stores. You can save between 30%-60% off the mattress retail price, regardless of the type of mattress you’re searching for.

The following tips will help you take advantage of labor day mattress sales to save big and get a better night’s sleep.  

Mattresses are Affordable On Labor Day Weekend

Purchasing a mattress tends to be a large investment, which is why it’s crucial to not only find the best mattress but also to find the best deals possible.

Labor Day is arguably the biggest day of the year for mattress sales.  During labor day mattresses and mattress accessories like toppers and pillows see huge discounts.  Online retailers and brick and mortar stows are looking to clear their summer inventory and make space for new models. Therefore, it’s the greatest time to purchase mattresses.

What’s even better, almost every mattress retailer and mattress brand is expected to run a Labor Day sale.  So, whether you like the high-end Casper Mattress or the Natural Latex Hybrid Awara mattress, you’ll receive the best deal.

According to consumer reports, mattress brands such as Helix and Tulo are offering buyers $200 of their mattresses. Other big brands like Sealy and Serta are offering customers about $100 off their new mattresses.

Price Doesn’t Indicate Quality

Just because a mattress is expensive it doesn’t mean it’s better quality. Mattress companies and retailers often markup mattress prices.   The Huffington Post says that mattresses costing over $1,200 are not worth buying.  They are marked up unnecessarily high as mattress brands want customers to think there are paying for a more luxurious experience.

In reality a higher price tag doesn’t always equate to better sleep.  Both high-end and cheaper mattresses feature the same materials and amount of filling.

Negotiate for A Better Price

Purchasing a mattress is just like purchasing a vehicle. Prices vary greatly and you can and should negotiate. This Labor Day, don’t pay the price on the sticker. Try to negotiate for a better price that’s within your budget.

When the company refuses to lower their prices (which is very rare), look for other mattress brands. You’re bound to find something within your price range.

Department stores tend to respond much better to negotiations, unlike mattress stores.  They also offer more perks like no sales tax, free delivery, and even discounts.  All you need to do is ask for a discounted price to initiate the negotiation of a better deal

Also, you can head to a mattress showroom with a comparison model in hand. Let the salesperson know that if they offer you’re a better price than what the other stores or websites are offering, you’ll purchase their product. Most salespeople will certainly agree to at least match your price.

Search Online for More Choices

You’re not restricted to only brick-and-mortar stores or traditional cotton and spring mattress.

Yes, mattress stores give you a chance to test the quality of the mattress, but they’re expensive. They tend to overcharge customers by marking up mattress costs.

Luckily, today we have so many mattress options.  By going to a physical mattress store, you might miss out on more affordable and comfortable mattress options available online. So, make sure you look for the best online Labor Day sales and discounts.

Purchasing a mattress online allows you to save lots of money.  Bed-in-a-box companies like Casper and ecommerce stores allow customers to buy mattresses without big markups.

When you order a mattress online, you receive a longer trial period, save on delivery costs, and even get a lifetime warranty.  You can also check out customer reviews to receive insights into which mattress brand offers you great value for your money.

Save Big on Your Next Mattress Purchase

We hope these tips will make your life simpler and help you sleep much better. Remember, you will find the best mattress deals and discount during Labor Day.

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Labor Day signals the end of summer, but it can be a great beginning for you! This long weekend is the best time to score the best deal on a mattress. 

But before purchasing a mattress during this long weekend sale, ensure you’ve done your research to find the best deals.  Compare 2 or 3 options before deciding.  If you’re planning to make an online purchase, select a site with a free return policy to protect your investment.