How to Find the Best Deals on Tires for Memorial Day

We’ve rounded up the best deals to help you save a bundle on new tires this Memorial Day weekend.

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It is essential to keep quality tires on your car while making sure to replace them from time to time as they wear out. You’re not alone in being forced to spend hundreds on a new set of tires. They are a big but necessary expense as poor quality tires can dramatically increase the risk of an accident.

Why Good Tires Are Essential

There are several reasons to have the right tires on your car. Firstly, a good set of tires will decrease your risk of facing a blowout while driving. Worn out tires can suffer from many small injuries that will make them gradually lose air pressure. According to Popular Mechanics, driving on old tires for long periods can increase the chances for the tires on your car to blow out.

Old tires can also reduce your fuel mileage anyway. As a tire ages, it begins to develop more friction with the road, which in turn will reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Generally, every one PSI below a tire manufacturer’s suggested pressure will result in a fuel efficiency decrease of around 0.4 percent.

Ultimately, old tires can affect your car’s traction and handling. Even partially worn-out tires can lose a significant amount of their gripping power. Although it doesn’t seem to be a big problem under normal circumstances, the reduced traction can pose a significant safety hazard on wet surfaces and might cause your car to hydroplane.

Strategies to Save Money on a New Set of Tires

New tires are essential and they are also costly. Fortunately, there are a few easier options to save money on a new pair of tires. One of the first of these ways is to negotiate a lower price. Around 20 percent of tire buyers actively attempt to bargain over the costs of tires, according to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports. Of those, a whopping 72 percent succeed in securing the discounted price.

Buying tires online is a viable alternative to save some dollars on your next tire purchase. Understandably, online stores don’t have overhead costs like conventional tire outlets so online stores can share the savings with their customers in the form of discounted prices. Make sure to comparison shop between the traditional outlets and online stores, and between various online sellers. This is the best way to find the seller with the lowest available cost on your pair of tires.

Seasonal offers can be one of the best ways to find great deals on new tires. The shoulder seasons of spring and autumn usually feature the best sales and discounts on tires. During this time, tire companies usually aim at encouraging customers to purchase new summer tires in the spring and new winter tires in the late autumn.

Many tire retailers are currently offering a “buy 2 get 2” special promotion on select tires and brands. Deals like this are often available only a few times per year and we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity if you are in the market for new tires.

Find New Tires at a Steep Discount

Your safety on the road owes much on the quality of your tires, and they can affect everything from how your vehicle adjusts to its fuel efficiency.

However, equally important is that buying new tires should not cost you a fortune.

These tips suggest different ways to save your money on new tires. You’ll be required to do your own research to get the best deal on tires that fit the specifications of your car. There are a significant number of various tire types and sizes, each of which is slightly different in terms of price, availability, and types of deals you may find on them.

It’s advisable to be updated with the latest research, and we suggest comparing several options before reaching a decision. Online research is the quickest and most thorough way to assess the best options.

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