How to Get Cheap or Even Free Cell Phone Plans

These are the various cheap and free cell phone services that you can leverage to cuff off your high monthly bill.

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In today’s world, cell phones have become an important asset that we use every day and can’t do without.  It helps you call for help when you’re in trouble or you could use it to send a text or retrieve information.

Some other people use it to keep themselves busy by playing games, watching movies and doing much more fun things with it.

However, there is a catch to all these exciting benefits and the catch is the hefty bills that you’ll get to pay at the end of the day, week or month depending on the plan offered by your service provider.

When it comes to phone bills, a lot of people pay through their noses. Most people pay as high as $100 or more per month to their cell phone service providers.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

FreedomPop Basic Plan

FreedoomPop operates a wireless internet alongside a virtual mobile network in Los Angeles, California. Their service includes the sale of mobile phones, free data, text and VoIP services and many more.

With the FreedomPop Basic Plan, you no longer have to pay monthly phone bills anymore. You’re only required to pay a one-time sum of $49 which will serve as the activation fee.

The basic plan consists of 500 texts, 500MB and 200 minutes’ worth of calls. If you exceed what you’re entitled to with the basic plan, you’ll be charged extra so be careful of how you spend your data.

Asides from the FreedomPop basic plan, there are other cheap plans with huge amounts of data that you can leverage and they are as follows;

  • Pay a monthly fee of around $9.99 to $24.99 for 2GB of data
  • Pay a monthly fee of $14.99 to 34.99 for 5GB of data
  • Pay a monthly fee of $19.99 to $59 for 10GB of data

Here’s why you should make FreedomPop your first choice.

  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi calls
  • Requires no application
  • No activation fee
  • Enjoy visual voicemail, international calls, VoLTE and much more
  • The largest cellular network in the USA
  • No contracts required

When you pay for more than one month, you’ll get a huge discount with their pricing model. Ensure to visit FreedomPop to know more about their coverage.

FreeUP Mobile

FreeUP Mobile offers amazing cell phone packages that are cheaper than the traditional service providers.

The most expensive package on FreeUP Mobile is $45 and it comprises Unlimited data, talk and text.  Asides from the $45 plan, there are other cheaper packages that you may want to leverage.

Here’s a list of the alternative monthly plans on FreeUP Mobile:

  • $15 – Starter package – 1GB data, unlimited global text and talk
  • $20 –  Popular package – 2GB data, unlimited global text and talk
  • $30 –  Premium package – 6GB data, unlimited global text and talk

Bear in mind that in the past, FreeUP Mobile had a free package for cell phone users but it was taken down after a new owner acquired FreeUP Mobile.

Make sure you visit FreeUP Mobile to learn more about any existing free offers that are available to you. FreeUP Mobile may have ended their free plan; however, their packages are among the lowest in the industry.

Their service runs on 4G LTE and the latest 5G network and for every unlimited plan that you order, you’ll get a free sim plus free shipping as a bonus.

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Ting Mobile

Ting burst into the scene with an affordable cell phone plan called Flex which allowed users to only pay for what they use so instead of the monthly payment.

This plan made Ting Mobile very popular that it became the first choice for many cell phone service users.

With Ting, you can always know the amount of data that you have used on your phone because their service comes with a tracker that tracks the number of messages, calls, data and many more so you can know what your bill will be even before you get the official bill.

Currently, a line goes for $6, while you’ll get 100 minutes for $3, 100 texts for $2 and $3 for 100MB of data.

So for instance, if you have 3 phones in your household, you’ll be required to pay $18 monthly to keep the three lines. Then if the three lines use a combined talk minute of between 501 and 1000; you’ll pay an additional monthly fee of $18.

Furthermore, if you send between 1001 to 2000 texts via the 3 lines in 30 days, that’s an additional $8. Also, if the three lines use a combined total of 1.1GB and 2GB data in 30 days, that’s an additional $20 monthly fee.

At the end of the day, your average bill for each phone will be $21.33.

Bear in mind that with Ting Mobile, you’ll only pay for what you use so if you make no calls in one month, you won’t be charged for minutes not used.

According to Ting, an average Ting user only spends a monthly sum of $23 on their service and this sounds very interesting.

You should try their service and enjoy the amazing pay for what you use feature.


Lifeline is a program provided by the American government for low-income members of society who cannot afford cell phone services to reach out to their families, call for emergency, apply to jobs and much more.

Companies like Q Link Wireless use Lifeline to provide free cell phone services to low-income members of society. Q Link Wireless offers the following in their free monthly plan:

  • Free monthly data (4.5 GB)
  • Unlimited texting
  • Free monthly unlimited minutes
  • However, you must have a phone to qualify for the Lifeline program.

Here are the states that are eligible for the lifeline program:

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maine, Arkansas, Missouri, Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Idaho, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Hawaii, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Maine, Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, Puerto Rico, Utah and West Virginia.

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To find out whether you qualify for the free Lifeline program, reach out to Q Link Wireless to get some clarification.