How to Get Financial Assistance to Pay Your Bills

Many Americans are surprised to learn about all of these government programs that can help you pay for medical bills, rent bills, energy bills and more.

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Individuals who may be struggling financially for any reason should take advantage of these programs before going into debt. These programs make it possible to receive grants and money that does not need to be paid back so that you are able to pay your bills.

Another great benefit is that you can take advantage of these programs no matter what you are. For example, seniors who are living on a fixed income and struggling to pay their bills can get relief. The same is true for a middle aged worker who might be temporarily out of a job.

Some of these financial assistance programs are not well known since they are brand new. In this article we will discuss some of the bill assistance programs currently available to all Americans.

Rent Assistance

Many state HUD programs are offering rent assistance to people who have seen their incomes decrease during the pandemic. These rental assistance programs can be found here and include things like an eviction moratorium so that you cannot be evicted from your home or apartment during the pandemic.

There is also the Emergency Rental Assistance program which helps renters find financial assistance programs in their local area. Each state and county has slightly different programs, so we encourage you to research what is available in your local community.

Food and Meal Assistance

It is now easier than ever to qualify for food stamps and benefit from meal assistance programs. Food stamp recipients are now eligible to receive even more food and funding than they did before. And if you have children in school you can get school meals for your children covered. This is part of a program called Meals4Kids.

Young families can take advantage of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. This program helps pay for food expenses associated with young children and is generally available to individuals who earn under $37,000 per year.  

Energy Bill Assistance

People who are having a hard time paying for their energy bills including air conditioning, heating, water and electricity will be happy to learn that bill relief is now available. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programwill help cover the cost of your heating and colling bills as well as electricity bills. Eligibility varies state by state so we recommend checking their website to determine if you are eligible.

With energy bills getting more and more expensive it is worth looking into these bill relief programs. They can save you a significant amount of money that you can then use to pay for other things you might need instead. Many households who earn under $36,400 will be pleased to learn they can qualify for assistance in paying their energy bills.

Medical Bill Assistance

Two of the best programs for people who need help covering medical expenses are Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, more commonly known as CHIP. These are designed for people who cannot afford health insurance or are unable to get health insurance through work. Medicaid and CHIP are available for a number of different people including families, children and senior citizens.

Another great benefit is that some telemedicine providers have been offering free doctor visits over the phone or computer. There is no cost to speak to a doctor in this manner and get advice on whatever issues you may be facing.

Free Drug Card offers up to 75% off prescriptions and is accepted at most pharmacies across the United States. This is a great way to save money, especially for seniors who may be spending quite a bit of money on different prescriptions.

In Conclusion

The past year and a half has been difficult on a number of people and families. As a result, there are several new programs available to help pay your bills and give you the financial assistance you need.

Whether you are having a hard time paying rent, buying groceries, paying energy bills or paying for medical expenses there is a program out there to help.

It is recommended that you check you state’s eligibility criteria for each program before submitting your application. A quick online search will show you exactly what that eligibility criteria is.

Once you submit the application you should hear back in due time whether you have been approved for financial assistance to pay your bills.   

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