How to Save Money on Luggage

Are you looking to buy durable luggage to take with you on different business trips, vacations or journeys?

If so, you must be prepared to spend $1,000 or more because durable luggage comes at a hefty price. Although prices can be expensive, it is still a better idea to buy high-quality luggage than cheap luggage as you will have to replace cheap luggage every couple of months when it wears down. In the end you will find that you pay more to keep replacing cheap luggage than it would have cost to buy quality luggage at the beginning.

We have put together a list of tips you can use to save money on luggage. You can find easily affordable suitcases in every size if you have a clear idea of when and where to shop.

Shopping from the right retailers at the right time is the key to find the most affordable luggage. Let’s take a look at some these useful tips that will help you with saving money on your next luggage purchase.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Luggage Sales

Seasonal sales take place at different times of the year. Normally, the retailers set a specific time for putting different items on sale. For instance, if you’re shopping for winter clothes in January or February you’d be able to get amazing discounts. Similarly, when the summer season is over you can buy lawn care items at a discounted price.

The good news is that the retailers have a specific time for luggage sales as well. According to CNBC, luggage stores try to sell off last year’s inventory in March because it’s the time of the year when new luggage styles enter the market. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to buy brand new luggage at a reasonable price.

Fortunately, that’s not the only time of the year for luggage sales. You can enjoy similar sales in August every year. The prices remain high during the summer season because many people plan their trips during summer. But the prices get down during August because the fall inventory is about to enter the market. We bet you’d be able to get amazing discounts if you consider buying luggage during these two months.

Check Out Discount Retailers

If you’re willing to buy luggage at any other time of the year, you must consider looking for stores that offer a discount on their products. Why would you go elsewhere to find a discount when you can go to discount retailers?

The discount retailers offers items to the customers at a steep discount because they didn’t sell at a traditional retailer. However, just because these items are at a discount does not mean they are low quality. You can get discounted travel gear from respected outlet stores like Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx. You can easily find the luggage of popular brands like Tumi, Samsonite, and Bric’s at a discounted price.

You can also take advantage of clearance events, sales and markdowns that are offered by discount retailers.

Shop at Factory Outlet Stores

You may also consider visiting outlet stores if you want to get quality luggage at a reasonable rate. The factory outlet stores of different brands can be found across the country. Throughout the year, you can get luggage from these stores at marked-down prices.

 When the luggage brands can’t sell the items at a full-price, they send those items to the outlet stores. Luggage that is slightly out of style or a less popular color can often be found at outlet stores.

These stores also offer special savings at different times of the year. It means there are plenty of opportunities for you to get the luggage at a discounted price from these stores. Keep in mind the seasonal sales we mentioned above and shop during March and August to score the biggest deals.

Search Online for Discounted Luggage

If you want to find even more luggage at a reasonable price, you should start exploring the internet. You can easily buy low-priced luggage from different e-commerce sites.

You can even find some great deals from different retailers. Every day, you can get a discount on different luggage categories in popular stores like Walmart. eBags also offers certain discount programs like luggage GiveBackBox, clearance bags and Steals of the Day.

There are plenty of other online retailers that offer a discount on their travel gear every day. It’s quite easy to get the luggage at your desired rates if you search for retailers that are known for sales and low prices.

Explore Luggage Deals Throughout the year

You need to choose the right time and location for shopping if you want to get luggage at an affordable rate. You can find all the available options if you search for discounts at different retailers. Sometimes, customers can get amazing markdowns and savings if they choose the right months for shopping.