Land Rover Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Anybody who is considering buying a luxury Land Rover SUV is in luck. They have just released some very impressive deals.

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Land Rover is now offering customers incentives that are hard to pass up. Competition in the luxury SUV segment continues to get more fierce every single year and Land Rover is making a serious push to acquire new customers with these aggressive discounts.

Why Do People Love Land Rovers So Much?

Land Rover has a unique history as an automotive brand. They were originally designed to be used on farms and for military purposes, which is why they have legendary off road capabilities. The first Land Rovers were built of aluminium, which meant that these vehicles would not rust and could handle any terrain.

Modern day Land Rovers are known more for their high-status image and luxury finishes than they are for off road capabilities. But that doesn’t mean that these vehicles can’t go anywhere you might want to take them. Whether you are taking the kids to soccer practice, driving in a snowstorm or going on an adventure in the woods, a 2021 Land Rover will be more than sufficient to meet your needs.

Best Deals on Land Rovers Available Right Now  

Land Rovers dealerships have too much 2020 inventory sitting on the lot and need to move those SUVs in order to make room for 2021 inventory. This means that there are a lot of good deals being offered on brand new 2020 models and it’s possible to buy one of these SUVs at a large discount.

For example, the Land Rover Evoque is now offering $3,000 cash back on 2020 models. The MSRP is $42,650 which means that after this discount it is available for only $39,650. There’s also a special financing deal which allows you to pay 0% APR for 60 months. It’s almost unheard of to get a new Land Rover for under $40,000 and the 0% APR financing offer is like icing on the cake.

Another great deal is on the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This SUV is available to lease for only $349 per month. If you prefer to purchase this vehicle it is selling for the low price of only $41,500. This SUV has room for 7, a rugged style and Land Rover’s trademark go anywhere capability.

If you want a truly top of the line off road vehicle, then the Range Rover Sport might be the best SUV for you. The iconic Range Rover Sport is the fastest and most agile Land Rover ever built. This means that the vehicle will be a force on the highways and in the back country. Right now this SUV can be leased for only $899 per month plus $5,995 due at signing.  Or you can buy it for $78,500. While this price might seem steep, it’s important to keep in mind that the Range Rover Sport is a one of a kind vehicle. You are guaranteed to stand out on the road when driving in one of these luxury machines.

The Range Rover Velar S is another great option to consider. With prices starting at $56,900, this SUV compares favorably to more expensive alternatives like a Cadillac Escalade or a Lincoln Navigator. It has all of the creature comforts you would come to expect out of a luxury SUV like a powered tailgate, LED headlights, 14-way memory front seats, upgraded sound system and a premium leather interior. However, we are willing to bet that this SUV is better off road than the other vehicles in its class. If you prefer to lease this vehicles is available for only $599 per month plus $4,495 due at signing.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for a luxury SUV then you should take a serious look at the Land Rover lineup. This iconic British brand has been winning awards and inspiring customers for years. The vehicles have an unmatched presence on the road as well as off road capabilities that are second to none. One of these Land Rovers will make driving conditions like snow, ice or rain feel like a walk in the park.

Search online for the best deals in your city on new or used Land Rovers. We recommend getting a good handle on prices before setting foot inside a dealership so that you are in a better position to negotiate with a salesperson. We would also recommend researching both 2020 prices and 2021 prices as there are better deals to be had on the previous year models.

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