Landscaping and Garden Grants to Take Advantage Of

If you’re considering some landscaping work then check out these grants that can cover the cost of your landscaping and lawn maintenance.

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Landscaping and gardening are important to the health and beauty of the natural environment. By improving the plant density and diversity we are all able to benefit. As a result, there are a number of government programs that encourage and incentivize people to conduct landscaping and gardening projects.

One piece of great news is that there are grants available to both businesses and individuals. This means that whether you run a business or are merely interested in a new landscaping project for your home, grants exist for you and can make a big difference in your ability to pay for the landscaping or gardening project.

Very few people are aware of these grant programs as they have not done a good job advertising that they are available. But fortunately we have decided to list a number of grants you might be able to qualify for in the article here.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best landscaping and gardening grant programs that are currently available.

Vadnais Lake Area Landscape Grants

These grants are designed to help reduce water runoff and flooding in the Vadnais Lake area of Minnesota. You will be eligible for these grants if your project improves the water quality of the lakes or improves the overall soil health.

There are different levels to these grants which range from $750 to $7,500 depending on exactly which criteria your project fits. It is recommended to thoroughly read the website so you can see if the project you have in mind fits the needs and would qualify for one of these generous grants.

Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant

The Whole Kids Foundation is part of the Whole Foods Market grocery store chain and focuses on giving back to the communities in which it operates. The Garden Grant Program is worth $3,000 and helps schools and non-profit organizations build and plant gardens.

This program is available across the United States and Canada to anyone who fits the eligibility criteria. One piece of eligibility criteria worth mentioning is that the garden should have an educational component associated with it so that kids can learn the benefits of gardening, taking care of the soil and growing fruits and vegetables.

Kids Gardening Grants

The Little Seeds Pollinator Grants is a program to help families plant a pollinator habitat at their homes. The purpose of these grants is to increase the pollinator populations which have been declining for a number of years.

Families will be eligible to receive a grant of $500 to support their efforts in creating a garden at their property.  

CN EcoConnexions From the Ground Up

The CN EcoConnexions From the Ground Up Grant is focused on greening projects along the communities where CN trains operate. These grants help fund landscaping and gardening projects to improve the quality of life for anyone who lives in a community reached by CN rail.

These grants can be used for things such as planting trees, planting gardens, reducing stormwater runoff and making community gateways more beautiful. This is one of the most diverse grant programs available to municipalities and non-profit groups in the United States.

CN will fund up to 50% of the costs of a beautifying project through this grant.  

California ReLeaf Grants

The California ReLeaf grant program supports urban forestry projects throughout the state of California. Community groups gather and submit an application to this grant program which has donated over $9 million since it was founded.

Any project that aims to plant more trees and restore more natural forestry to California is eligible to receive a grant. The grant is especially interested in supporting programs that aim to bring more trees to the urban environment of California.  

Therapeutic Garden Grants

The Therapeutic Garden Grants is a program run by the National Garden Bureau. These grants are available across North America and can either be a community based project or a private project. The key criteria is that the garden is therapeutic in nature. This grant program has been operating since 2014.

In Conclusion

If you are planning to start a gardening or landscaping project it makes sense to research what grant programs are available in your local community. You might be surprised at how much money is available to fund the project you have been thinking of. Each town, city and state has unique grant programs available at different times of the year so we recommend conducting research on a regular basis.

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