Must See Home and Deck Building Job Opportunities Near You

Interested in a well paid job? Then check out these deck, fence and house building jobs currently available in your city.

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The home building industry stands out as a beacon for those seeking robust earning opportunities without the need for degrees or specific documentation. With dedication and a willingness to learn, many professionals find themselves earning as much as $80 an hour or even more in some specialized roles.

One might think building a home is all about laying bricks and setting up walls, but in reality, it’s a symphony of numerous skilled professionals working in unison. Here we highlight 20 such roles, each with its unique significance and potential earnings:

  • Framing Jobs: Constructing the skeleton of homes. Salaries can start around $15/hr, reaching up to $40/hr with experience.
  • Drywall Jobs: Essential for defining spaces. Starting at $14/hr and going as high as $35/hr.
  • Roofing Jobs: Ensuring protection against the elements. Earnings begin at around $16/hr, with seasoned professionals making upwards of $38/hr.
  • HVAC Jobs: Maintaining optimal temperature conditions. Initial salaries hover around $18/hr, going up to $45/hr or more.
  • Deck and Fence Building: Beautifying exteriors. Starting pay can be $15/hr, with potential to reach $37/hr.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Installation: Setting ambiance. Start around $16/hr, with experienced workers earning as much as $42/hr.
  • Window Installation: Playing a crucial role in insulation. Begins at $17/hr, rising up to $40/hr.
  • Flooring Jobs: Laying foundations. Starts around $15/hr, with top experts earning close to $38/hr.
  • Electrician Jobs: Ensuring safe electrical setups. Start at $20/hr, reaching up to $50/hr or even more.

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  • Plumbing: Maintaining water flow and sanitation. Begin at $18/hr, with top professionals making upwards of $45/hr.
  • Foundation Work: Fundamental for stability. Pay begins around $17/hr, soaring to as much as $40/hr.
  • Landscaping: Crafting outdoor environments. Starting salaries at $14/hr, going up to $36/hr.
  • Paving: Enhancing exteriors. Starts at $16/hr, with potential to climb to $39/hr.
  • Inspectors: Meeting codes and safety standards. Initial pay around $25/hr, going as high as $55/hr.
  • Painting: Adding vibrancy to homes. Begins at $14/hr, reaching up to $34/hr.
  • Siding Installation: Enhancing exteriors diversely. Pay starts at $16/hr, climbing to around $38/hr.
  • Masonry: Mastery with bricks and stones. Starting around $18/hr, with the potential to reach $43/hr.
  • Carpentry: Shaping interiors with woodwork. Starting pay is around $17/hr, reaching as much as $45/hr.
  • Tiling: Specialized for bathrooms and kitchens. Begins at $16/hr, peaking at about $40/hr.
  • Insulation Experts: Regulating home temperatures. Pay starts around $18/hr, with some earning as much as $42/hr.

Beyond these roles, for those who harbor entrepreneurial aspirations, the potential earnings are even greater. Starting your own home remodeling or construction company can catapult you beyond a fixed salary. In such leadership roles, overseeing contracts and managing projects, your earnings can easily surpass the $80/hr mark and grow exponentially, especially as your business expands and takes on more prominent contracts.

With the U.S. experiencing a construction boom, there’s no better time to step into this industry. Every city, big or small, has opportunities galore. The essence is clear: the more skills you acquire, the higher your earning potential. Whether it’s starting as a helper and climbing the ladder, establishing a small contracting business, or taking the entrepreneurial route, the sky’s the limit in the home building realm.

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