Online Dating Options for People Over 50

These are some of the best dating sites for single seniors to find that special someone.

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Nowadays, adults of every age group are using online dating platforms and mobile apps like never before. This form of technology makes it easier than ever to find people both near and far.

Online dating is an ideal way to assess compatibility and chemistry virtually. Searching for love online has become one of the top ways to date, with online dating offers novel ways to meet potential love interests.

There’s No More Stigma to Online Dating

Just about everyone knows at least one couple that connected through the internet. Seeking romance on one’s personal computer or mobile phone, which was considered once, is no more a reason to be embarrassed.

In addition, 57% of people who try online dating report that they have had a positive experience and found a meaningful relationship.

According to a Pew Research report, over 30% of Americans- that’s roughly 99 million Americans – have tried using online dating to find a soulmate. That’s led to one-fifth of all of today’s relationships getting started on the internet.

Online Dating is For All Ages

Some people think that online dating is only for younger generations. That’s simply not true. There are plenty of single men and women over the age of 40 using these websites to find a meaningful connection. Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or even 80s, there are other people just like you that are looking for a match.

However, age is indeed one of the most common things people of both sexes lie about on their dating profiles, according to eHarmony.

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This is not a good idea for more reasons than one. There should be complete transparency about age. When one or both parties lie about their age, it is likely to bring about a bad first meeting, and a relationship based on lies is not expected to last.

We offer the following advice to baby boomers looking for a love connection: stick to people your own age as you’re more likely to share identical interests, values, and cultural background. Yes, you could get a kick out of showing off a 25-year-old date, but lasting romance improbable if you don’t have anything in common.

Age gaps affect marital stability too. A study conducted in 2014found that couples with a five-year age difference are 18 percent more likely to divorce those of the same age. The figure jumps to 39 percent for a 10-year difference and 95 percent for a 20-year gap.

No matter if you’re male or a female, your prospects of meeting someone of good nature and integrity online are much higher if you acknowledge your real age and to put honestly on the site.

People Over 40 are Flocking to Online Dating Sites

Online dating is in vogue today, with hardly any sign of slowing down. Dating services are becoming increasingly popular among young adults and people in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Among millennials 18 to 24, online dating almost tripled from 2013 to 2015, according to Pew Research’s study. Millennials love their mobile apps, and the number of dating apps is increasing every day.

Not only are millennials turning to online dating, but the trend is also increasing significantly among adults.

Among people age 55 to 64, the percentage of online dating doubled over the same two years. In fact, people in their 50s and older account for the fastest growing online dating community. Also, adults between 45 and 54 are just as likely to find love online as those in their 20s.

Besides the popularity of mobile apps, the increase in online dating could be explained by the broader assortment of websites from which to choose. Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, OkCupid, and have been joined by some of these options:

  • Coffee Meets Bagel helps you find a true connection by showing you only a few possible matches every day.
  • OurTime is the service for those in their 50s and above.
  • For singles finding to meet people who share their faith, there are Eshq for Muslims, Christian Mingle for Christians, jSwipe for Jews, and a host of other faith-based websites.
  • FarmersOnly is just what the name implies.

There are many other options. Bumble was the first feminist app to empower women, and only females can initiate a conversation. Most dating apps have increased security, making it almost impossible for smooth operators to prey on innocent users.

For seniors, the convenience, safety, and variety of online dating are unbeatable.

Online Dating is Becoming Very Popular

As many as 40 percent of people in committed relationships met online. Online dating is now one of the most common ways of meeting people.

Why wouldn’t you like to see who’s out there, waiting for your connection after knowing so many adults finding love online?

Many people say that the stigma of online dating has kept them from pursuing it further. Hopefully we have shown you that the stigma no longer exists. Singles of all ages can benefit from creating an online profile and introducing themselves to potential matches.

Confidence and Common Interests are Important

Usually, people attract each other through mutual interests. Your profile ought to feature a good description of you. You should make it more about your personality, interests, and values than your appearance or age.

Real confidence is being who you actually are and enjoying the present without worrying about the future. It’s more about laughing at yourself than being obsessed when you say something awkward.

We recommend you try a few different dating websites or apps to discover which one is right for you. You should find special deals and free trials to have some experience before deciding which sites are best suited for you. Your future better half may have already taken the initiative.

We further advise comparing at least 3 to 4 options before finalizing on any website. Searching online is usually the quickest, detailed and thorough way of finding the best available options.

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