The Best Bank Account Signup Bonuses

To attract new clients in the past, many banks offered appliances like toasters. In today’s climate of federal stimulus dollars, marketing strategies even include hefty cash bonuses to keep a certain number of clients on the books.

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Most banking institutions are customer-focused and try to acquire as many new clients as possible. Offering these new customer promotions is seen as more cost effective than paying for an advertising campaign.

Consumers should find the bank with the best deals considering there are new accounts offers as large as $600. Opening a new account can quickly be done right at home online. Some of the banks that offer opening bonus deals online include.

Chase Total Checking Account with $200 Bonus

Apply to open online or in-person a Chase Total Checking account using the coupon from the promotional page. When you deposit $25 within 60 days of opening the account you can expect to get a $200 signup bonus deposited within 10 days.

Multiple Account Chase Offer – $600 Bonus

The other appealing offer from Chase is for opening multiple account types. You can get a $300 cash bonus when you open a Chase Total Checking account and set up a direct deposit within 60 days.

Similarly, when you open a Chase Saving account and make a deposit of at least $15,000 and maintain it for 90 days another $200 cash bonus will be added to your account.

If you are eligible and fully complete both of the above bonuses, Chase will add another $100 kicker which brings the total amount you can get from Chase to $600.

Finn by Chase Offers $100 Bonus

When you open a new checking and savings account with Finn you are eligible to receive a $100 signup bonus. The first requirement is that you make a $25 deposit to the checking account. The second is to make 10 qualifying transactions within 60 days of opening the account. Qualifying transactions can be bill payments, direct deposits, debit card purchases or the like.

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Once the account has been active for at least 6 you can receive a bonus of $100 within 10 business days after the qualified transactions were posted into your account. Should you fail to adhere to any of the requirements, Chase may deduct the bonus upon the closing of the account.

Bank of America Gives out $100 Bonus

This offer is quite easy to get. All you need is to open a Core Checking or Interest Checking account, make two or more direct deposits of at least $250 within the first 90 days to get a $100 bonus.  A $100 deposit is needed to open an Interest Checking account while $25 is needed to open a Core Checking account.

TD Bank offers a $300 Bonus

To qualify for this cash bonus offers you must apply for two different accounts offered by TD Bank online.

The first option is the Premier account with a $25 maintenance fee per month unless a balance of at least $2,500 is maintained. If you can make a direct deposit of at least $2,500 within the first two months, you are entitled to get the $300 cash bonus.

The other choice is to open the Premier Checking account. This requires a maintenance fee of $15 should the balance go below $100. At least a $500 direct deposit is needed in the first 60 days to get this bonus.

Unity Financial Credit Union with a $100 Cash Bonus

Another great bank to open an account is with Unity. Anyone who opens free checking or e-checking account are eligible to get a bonus offer. By simply having at least a $500 recurring direct deposit within the first 90 days, a cash bonus of $100 will be credited to your account by the end of the 90 day period.

Though residents from all the 50 states can take advantage of the offer, one needs to be a Unity Financial Credit Union member to qualify for the offer.

Final Thoughts

These sign up bonuses are quite generous and don’t take much work to collect. It’s worth grabbing these opportunities while they exist and claiming the sign up bonuses you are eligible for.

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Offers vary bank to bank, so make sure that you open an account with the bank that will benefit you the most. It’s possible to earn nearly $1,000 by taking advantage of all these offers. The best part is that you may find your new bank account offers more features and benefits than your old bank account did. When this happens it is like you are being paid money to switch to a better product. Talk about a win-win situation.