The Best Deals on the Chevrolet Silverado

It is possible to find a brand new Chevrolet Silverado at a huge discount. They’re giving away manufacturer incentives which means you can secure a fully loaded Silverado for under $30,000 right now or just $200/month.

Entry-Level Models Under $28,000

Finding a brand-new Silverado under $28,000 is challenging but not impossible, particularly with base models like the Silverado 1500 WT. As of the latest data, the starting MSRP for a 2024 Silverado 1500 WT Regular Cab Long Bed 2WD is around $37,645. Savvy buyers can find used or certified pre-owned models for just $28,900.

Chevrolet is offering substantial cash rebates on the Silverado 1500. For instance, you can receive up to $7,750 in customer cash on select models, making a significant dent in the overall purchase price. This offer is available on certain 2023 models, providing an opportunity to save on a slightly older but still new truck​.

Strategies for Lower Prices

  1. Year-End Sales and Promotions: Dealerships often offer significant discounts at the end of the year to clear out old inventory. These promotions can provide substantial savings on new models, making it easier to find a Silverado close to or under $28,000.
  2. Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Options: CPO vehicles undergo rigorous inspections and come with extended warranties, offering a balance between cost and reliability. A CPO Silverado can often be found for under $28,000, providing many of the benefits of a new truck at a lower price.
  3. Dealer Negotiations: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with dealers. They might offer additional incentives, discounts, or lower financing rates to close a deal, especially if you’re prepared to buy on the spot.

Leasing Options Under $200 Per Month

Leasing a Chevrolet Silverado can be an affordable alternative to purchasing, especially if you’re looking to keep monthly payments low. Here’s how to secure a lease for under $200 per month:

  1. Promotional Lease Offers: Manufacturers and dealerships frequently offer special lease deals, particularly during sales events or at the end of the model year. These deals can significantly reduce monthly payments and upfront costs.
  2. Increased Down Payment: Increasing your down payment can lower your monthly lease payments. This strategy can make it feasible to secure a lease under $200 per month, although it requires more upfront capital.
  3. Shorter Lease Terms: Opting for shorter lease terms, such as 24 or 36 months, can sometimes result in lower monthly payments. Additionally, shorter leases often come with promotional rates that can help keep payments under $200 per month.
  4. Mileage Limits: Choosing a lease with lower annual mileage limits can reduce monthly payments. Be sure to select a mileage cap that matches your driving habits to avoid excess mileage fees at the end of the lease term.


While finding a new Chevrolet Silverado under $28,000 or leasing one for under $200 per month can be challenging, it’s not impossible with the right strategies. Focus on entry-level models, take advantage of year-end promotions, consider certified pre-owned vehicles, and negotiate with dealers to find the best deals. Leasing can also be a viable option to enjoy a Silverado at a lower monthly cost. By exploring these avenues, you can drive a dependable and powerful Chevrolet Silverado without breaking the bank.