The Best Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone

Looking for a discount on a brand new Samsung phone? We’ll show you how to save hundreds on Samsung’s best smartphones.

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Unlike some other technology companies, Samsung is offering discounts on both unlocked and carrier options, guaranteeing the perfect deal for any smartphone user. Specifically, AT&T and Verizon are holding special promotions right now. Let’s take a look!

With a 128GB capacity, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 is priced at just $799. In an effort to compete with the iPhone and Google Pixel, the S21 offers a $200 discount compared to its previous model, the Galaxy S20, which was priced at $999. It’s very rare to see a new flagship phone priced for even cheaper than last year’s model but that is exactly what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy S21.  

The discounted price of a new model is unique to Samsung. As seen in the release of the iPhone 12, typically new models cost significantly more than its predecessor. With the S21, you are essentially paying less money for an even better device.

With a a 6.2-inch AMOLED display, new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and a triple rear-camera array, the Samsung Galaxy S21 offers features that are a modicum of improvement compared to the Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S21 has either a 128GB or 256GB storage capacity. It seems that the new chip in the S21 should give this model a higher performance level compared to older Samsung devices.

Our curated list of the best deals offered by Samsung for the Galaxy S21 can be found below. Included is a description of each promotion as well as the new device. We believe that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S21 compare favorably to its main competitors such as the Apple iPhone 12, the Google Pixel 4a or the Google Pixel 5.

$699.99 at Amazon

Save $100 – Amazon’s latest promotion regarding the unlocked Galaxy S21 is setting a new price point for the device, and we are thrilled about it. At $699.99, this deal saves you $100 compared to the latest iPhone 12’s pricing.

$649 at Best Buy

Save $150 – You can find a similar deal offered to you at Best Buy. For the unlocked Galaxy S21, you can be eligible to save $150 – an additional $50 from the Amazon special. To be eligible for this promotion, you will have to utilize an activation rebate, meaning upon receiving your device it will be immediately activated.

BOGO, or $750 off a Trade-in and New Unlimited Plan at Verizon

The promotions regarding the Samsung  Galaxy S21 offered by Verizon historically include a variety of discounted options, ensuring that there is a deal that’s right for everyone. At the top of their promotions is the classic, ‘buy-one get-one free’ deal. With the purchase of a new Galaxy S21 and unlimited cell phone plan, Verizon will throw in an extra device on the house. Coming in second is their trade-in offer, where upon returning your old smartphone to Verizon, you can earn up to $750 to be put towards your new Galaxy S21. Since the retail price is only $799, that is like getting the Galaxy S21 for only $49 from Verizon. Not a bad deal at all.

Free with an Eligible Trade-in and New Unlimited Plan at AT&T

Verizon is not the only provider offering a free device – at AT&T, you can get the new Galaxy S21 upon turning in your old device to them. Depending on the device that you will be trading in, you can earn up to $800 to cover the cost of your new S21.

Save $700 at the Official Samsung Store

For the Galaxy S21 unlocked, the official Samsung store is offering a decent promotion. With their trade-in program, you can earn up to $700 to be put toward your new device. This offer stands out because Samsung accepts smartphones that have been damaged or have a cracked screen.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Deals From Xfintiy Mobile

Coming in strong is Xfinity Mobile’s first Galaxy S21 deal. You can get a brand new Galaxy S21 for only $16.67 per month with Xfinity Mobile. If you are a first time Xfinity customer, you have the opportunity to earn a $400 discount for a 2 year plan. In order to qualify you will need to transfer your number to Xfinity, but this deal still offers huge potential savings on the Galaxy S21.

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