The Best Deals on Verizon Cell Phone Plans

Verizon is known to have the most reliable and best network in the USA. They used to have the highest prices too, but not any more. These are the best deals currently available from Verizon.

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While some individuals like to poke fun at Verizon for being so costly, if you look in the right places, you can find a wireless plan that meets your needs at an affordable cost. Verizon offers customers a wider range of options, all you have to do is do a little research to find which plan suits you.

Luckily, we’ve curated this guide of the best Verizon wireless plans in the market today to assist you to make an informed decision.  

Keep in mind that not all Verizon’s plans are the same.  Verizon premium data plans work perfectly for customers who desire lots of data that will never get depleted. Verizon also offers a few plans that allow you to share your data with your friends and family.

In addition, you might opt for some extra perks that some plans consist of, including cloud storage, mobile hotspot, or Apple Music.  

We’ve done our homework on the various Verizon plans so we can assist you in finding the best plan that can meet your needs. In most cases, Verizon plans are less-expensive per-person if the user has multiple active lines.

Verizon has some of the best promotions and offers in the market for the latest smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone SE, and iPhone 11.

Best Verizon Wireless plans

Now, let’s have a closer look at each plan Verizon offers. Later, we’ll also go through other Verizon’s alternative plans. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’ve just bought a new phone or you’re a serious Netflix-user.

Verizon Wireless shared 5 GB plan:

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • 5 GB Data
  • $55 per month

This 5 GB data plan is great for two individuals who will divide a small portion of data, or a lone wolf who only needs to post content on Facebook, send emails, and listen to music. You can share this wireless plan and it comes with an access charge of $25 per line.

Verizon Wireless shared 10 GB plan

  • Unlimited call and texts
  • 10GB
  • $65 per month

The 10 GB shared plan is a reasonable plan for those people who love streaming TV shows or watching movies over their plans.  Just like the 5 GB shared plan, this one has a $25 per line access charge.  However, it might be worth selecting for Verizon’s cheap Unlimited plan, which costs only $5 and you won’t have to worry about monthly data usage.

Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans

Verizon’s unlimited plans work best for serious data users who don’t want to bother about monthly data limits when they’re streaming movies, listening to music, or enjoying other content. However, network congestion might sometimes slow data speeds.

Start Unlimited

  • 0 GB prior to a congestion-based throttling
  • 480p Streaming
  • No hotspot
  • 6-month, Apple Music Trial
  • $70

Play More Unlimited

  • 25 GB prior to congestion-based throttling
  • 720p Streaming
  • 15 GB of Lite Hotspot
  • Apple Music
  • $80
  • 5G access

Do More Unlimited

  • 50 GB prior to congestion-based throttling
  • 480p Streaming
  • 15 GB of LTE hotspot
  • Apple Music
  • $80
  • 500 GB of cloud storage
  • 5G access

Get More Unlimited

  • 75 GB prior to congestion-based throttling
  • 720p streaming
  • 30 GB of LTE hotspot
  • Apple Music
  • $90
  • 500 of cloud storage
  • 5G access

Just Kids

  • 480p video streaming
  • 4 GB of LTE hotspot
  • Incorporated parental controls, including location tracking and pause internet
  • $50
  • Content filters

If you don’t want to experience reduced speeds when there’s excessive network traffic, the Do More and Play More Unlimited plans will serve you well. If you need cloud storage and hotspot, opt for Verizon’s Get More Unlimited plan.

All these plans allow users to add other lines at lower charges. They can also calculate the amount you’ll pay using the calculator on Verizon official website. The per-line prices for 4 lines drop to $60, $70, $70, and $80, in that order.

Get More Play More, and Do More Unlimited plans, comes with free 5G access to compatible devices such as unlimited 5G mobile tethering and 4k video streaming.  At some point, Verizon will start charging more besides the plan expenses for the 5G access.

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Verizon Prepaid Plans

If the plans we’ve mentioned above, don’t meet your needs, don’t fret! Verizon has a wide range of monthly pre-paid options.  They all come with unlimited talk and text in the US and unlimited text to over 200 international destinations. Furthermore, they allow mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

To receive 5 GB per month you’ll pay $35 and for Unlimited data, you’ll pay $60. Also, you’ll receive great offers and deals on additional data for the prepaid plans. For instance, for $45 per month, you’ll receive 16 GB of data.  Apart from that, you can benefit from Verizon’s 6 GB data plan, which costs just $35 per month; it’s great for moderate data users.