The Best DNA Testing Kits Available Now

Here are the 3 best DNA testing kits available to purchase right now.

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Are you looking for the best DNA testing kit to buy? There are so many options available in the market; so in this article, we’ll be looking at the best DNA testing kits that are available today.


AncestryDNA is dedicated to helping you complete your family tree by tracking your heritage. Ancestry was founded in the 80s and today, it’s the largest genealogy company globally. In 2012, Ancestry added DNA testing as part of the services it renders to the public; thus, helping you chart your family history accurately.

Ancestry has one of the largest databases with over 10 million users and this means that your chances of locating your long-lost family member with Ancestry is high; as long as you both match genetically.

With Ancestry, you’ll have access to verified maps that will reveal where your ancestors came from. Once you click on a country that’s on the map, you’ll be presented with more information.

You’ll know if members of your family lived there; you’ll also see data of individual regions on the map broken down in little chunks so they can be meaningful to you.

Ancestry DNA reports cover over 350 regions globally as it takes a thorough evaluation of your family’s migration journey from the ancient era to the modern world. Furthermore, it can also reveal how much Neanderthal DNA is in you.

By purchasing the AncestryDNA membership, you’ll have access to billions of records from all over the world.

How to carry out the test

To get started, you’ll order the kit online and receive a package and inside the package, you’ll find a tube that will be used to collect your saliva sample and send it to AncestryDNA for analysis.

Try not to eat, smoke, chew gum or drink for at least 30 minutes before you provide your sample.

Once your saliva is in the tube, you’ll add a blue liquid to the tube to stabilize the saliva and secure its shipment. Place the tube gently in the collection pack and ship it to the return address.

Before you ship the sample, make sure you’ve connected the serial number on the sample tube to your AncestryDNA account so it can be used to track your shipment since the entire process is anonymous.

Once the sample has gotten to its destination, Ancestry will send you an email to acknowledge that your sample is with them and you’ll also get another email telling you when the testing will be conducted and when your result will be out.

Once your result is out, you’ll login to your account and be presented with a huge global interactive map. On the map, you’ll find several colored bubbles that indicate where your ancestors might have originated from.

Since the map is interactive; if you click on it, it will reveal more data about specific regions and areas that your ancestors might have settled.

AncestryDNA costs $99 and the results will be provided in 6-8 weeks.

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Living DNA

Living DNA is a product of DNA Worldwide Group and it was established in 2016 and is based in the United Kingdom.

Living DNA has over 100 scientists, genetic experts and academic researchers from all over the world and they collaborate with universities, genomics experts and testing services to improve its migration routes and DNA results.

Living DNA has an amazing testing service that is reliable and can help you discover your family tree; however, it can take longer to develop your DNA profile.

Other DNA testing companies use state-of-the-art modern technology to get things done, but with Living DNA, their testing game is on a whole new level.

The company beat its competitors’ hands down by going beyond the traditional family-line ancestry test service that other companies render.

With Living DNA, you’ll get data about your maternal line and as a male, the test can also analyze your paternal family line.

This type of extensive testing is exclusive to Living DNA and it’s amazing because it gives you access to extra data that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Living DNA is so powerful that it can cover 80 different regions and 10 generations all over the world so you can have access to accurate data about your family line.

How to carry out the test

You‘ll receive a package from Living DNA that will contain a test kit and instructions to activate it online. Next, take out the swab from the kit, put it inside your mouth and scrape your cheeks for 30 to 45 seconds.

Take out the swab from your mouth and put it inside the silver bag

The sample will take up to 12 weeks for analysis and once the result is ready; it will be uploaded to your account with a colored map that breaks down your lineage across different ethnicities around the world.

You’ll also have access to the origins of your ancestors and you can also print the results if you wish.

Living DNA costs $99 and the results will be provided in 4-6 weeks.

MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA is one of the most popular DNA test kits available on the market today and it is very affordable. MyHeritage offers a complete ancestral testing service that comprises free family tree software, DNA testing and matching.

In clear terms, MyHeritage DNA test kit is an amazing choice if you want to know about your DNA’s ethnic makeup and your family history.

With MyHeritage, you can trace your ethnicity through more than 40 regions globally and have premium access to billions of historical data stored in MyHeritage database.

By uploading your sample to their gigantic database, you’ll be able to check if it matches other samples in the database. This is a great way to find long lost relatives

How to carry out the test

You‘ll receive a package from MyHeritage DNA that will contain a test kit and instructions to activate it online. Inside the test kit, there are two cotton swabs.

Next, take one swab from the kit, put it inside your mouth and scrape your cheeks for 30 to 60 seconds, bring it out, place it in the vial and seal it.

Repeat the same process with the second swab and seal it.         

Ship the sealed sample to the return address and in six to eight weeks, your result will be available. Your result will contain a complete breakdown of your DNA conformations analyzed across 42 global ethnicities.

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MyHeritage DNA costs $99 and the result will be provided in 6 to 8 weeks.