The Best Hot Tub Deals

When looking for the perfect hot tub for your home, it’s essential to consider price, quality, and the reputation of the retailer. There are numerous outlets throughout the United States where you can find great deals on hot tubs.

Key Considerations

Here are some key things to consider before deciding to buy a hot tub.

Budget: Determine your budget for purchasing and maintaining a hot tub. Hot tub prices can vary significantly based on size, features, and brand. Remember to account for ongoing costs like electricity, water treatment chemicals, and potential repairs or maintenance.

Available Space: Evaluate the space where you plan to install the hot tub. Measure the dimensions and ensure that there is adequate space for the tub, including clearance for access, equipment, and potential upgrades. Consider factors like outdoor or indoor placement, privacy, and aesthetics.

Size and Capacity: Consider the number of people who will regularly use the hot tub. Hot tubs come in various sizes, ranging from small two-person tubs to larger models that can accommodate eight or more people. Choose a size that fits your needs without compromising comfort or usability.

Construction and Durability: Look for hot tubs made from high-quality materials and reputable brands known for durability. Consider factors such as the shell material (acrylic, fiberglass, or other), the quality of insulation, and the strength of the support structure. Read reviews, seek recommendations, and consider warranties.

Energy Efficiency: Evaluate the energy efficiency of the hot tub. Look for models with good insulation, efficient heating systems, and programmable controls to help conserve energy and reduce operating costs over time. Energy-efficient hot tubs can have a significant impact on long-term expenses.

Features and Accessories: Determine the features and accessories you desire in a hot tub. Common features include jets, lighting, sound systems, waterfalls, and digital controls. Consider options like water filtration systems, ozone generators, covers, steps, and safety features. Choose features that enhance your relaxation experience and align with your preferences.

Today’s Best Deals

Once you know what type of hot tub you want to buy, we recommend checking out these deals, which are all reputable brands from well known stores.

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot is a national powerhouse in the home improvement retail sector. Their wide selection of hot tubs, spas, and accessories ensures you’ll find the right fit for your home.

Current Best Deal: The AquaLife Lagoon 8-Person 20 Stainless Jet Plug and Play or 240-Volt Hot Tub with Real stainless steel Heater LED Light and ozone is available for $4,999, a $1,000 reduction from its original price.

  1. Lowe’s

Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s provides a comprehensive range of home products, including an impressive variety of hot tubs. You can choose from budget-friendly to premium models.

Current Best Deal: The Hudson Bay Spas 5-Person 14-jet Rectangular Hot Tub, initially priced at $3,499, is now available for $2,799, making it an affordable choice for a mid-sized hot tub.

  1. Costco

Famed for its bulk discounts and quality merchandise, Costco offers a selection of top-tier hot tubs. While you need a membership to shop, the savings you can score often outweigh the membership cost.

Current Best Deal: The Divine Hot Tubs Deluxe Ultra 90-Jet, 6-Person Spa, originally priced at $8,999, is now going for $7,499. It’s a significant price drop, ideal for those searching for a luxurious hot tub experience.

  1. Wayfair

Wayfair operates primarily online and delivers countrywide, making it an accessible option for most people. It has an extensive range of hot tubs, from simple, budget-friendly options to extravagant, feature-packed spas.

Current Best Deal: The Aquarest Spas Select 150 4-Person Plug and Play with 12 Stainless Jets and LED Waterfall, initially priced at $2,599, is now available at a discounted price of $1,999.

  1. Hot Tub Warehouse

Specializing in hot tubs and spa supplies, Hot Tub Warehouse is an online retailer providing some of the best deals on high-quality hot tubs.

Current Best Deal: The Lifesmart Coronado DLX (LS600DX) 65-Jet, 7-Person Spa, with a waterfall and digital controls, usually retailing for $6,999, is now $1,000 less at $5,999.

  1. Overstock

Another mainly online retailer, Overstock offers a range of hot tubs often at heavily discounted prices due to overstocked or out-of-season models.

Current Best Deal: The Home and Garden 6 Person 32 Jet Hot Tub, with an original price tag of $4,299, is now available for $3,599.


Remember that deals change often, and these prices are only accurate as of June 2023. Be sure to check these retailers frequently and sign up for deal alerts to get the most out of your hot tub shopping experience. Always consider additional costs such as delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance when choosing the best hot tub for your needs. Happy hot tub hunting!