The Best Online Thrift Stores

Below you will find the best places to find second hand goods, thrift stores and yard sales near you. Good luck bargain hunting!

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Since the 1800s, people have been buying vintage and second-hand clothes. But over the years, the number of individuals visiting brick-and-motor secondhand vendors has reduced drastically due to the rise of online thrift platforms. These platforms allow people to practice sustainable living and reduce textile waste in land fields by shopping for second clothes in the comfort of their homes. With that in mind, below you will discover a list of the 7 best online thrift stores.


Originally established as a men’s swap company, thredUP is the go-to-destination for individuals fed up with the fashion status quo. Since its launch in 2009, the company has grown into one of the biggest online thrift platforms, boasting over 52.6 million sellers and millions of products from renowned brands like Gucci and Gap. The online thrift store stands out for its affordability and diverse catalog of items for men, women, and kids, irrespective of their sizes.

The RealReal

Through The RealReal platform, you can sell your old luxury items and earn up three times for them. Also, you can shop for a variety of second-hand products at discounted prices. What’s interesting, this company guarantees the authenticity and quality of all items they receive by running them through a rigorous evaluation process.

Also, it champions sustainability and partners with companies with the shared dream of a healthier and cleaner planet in the future. So, if you’re in the market for authentic, sustainable, and well-priced second-hand luxury goods, The RealReal got you covered.

Yard Sale Search

If you visit you will be able to find old-fashioned yard sales in your neighborhood. This is perfect for people who still enjoy driving to visit a physical yard sale or garage sale.

When you visit this website you will be able to enter your ZIP code or your city and then it will give you a listing of all the different yard sales and garage sales happening close to you that weekend. This makes it very easy to plan your trip so you can visit every single one taking place near you.


It’s right to say Depop is thredUP younger, edgier sister. It’s a London-based company that offers you access to unique items via a marketplace app. Their extensive collections include products from the most renowned brands to young and independent brands still building a name for themselves.

Depop works like any other online thrift store app, but with the likeness of the Instagram Explore page. As a result, the application offers suggestions for items based on your recent activity on the platform.

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters focuses on repurposing and reinventing vintage clothes and other pieces at affordable prices. The company collects old clothes and fabrics, cut them up, dyes them, and creates cute vintage pieces like recycled denim cut-offs, vintage dresses, plaid flannel shirts, etc. While there are speculations about whether the company’s practices are stainable, Urban Renewal makes clothes with unique designs accessible to people at low prices. Besides being one of the most affordable online thrift stores, the company regularly updates its website with new gems.

However, it seems Urban Renewal has a limited collection of items, given the website present you only with two pages of the brand’s products. That said, Urban Renewal supports diversity and inclusion by donating money to charitable causes like Antiracist Research and Policy Center, Year Up, The Innocence Projects, and more.


Although not as known as the brands mentioned above, Tradesy allows users to resell and buy luxurious pieces, including jewelry, clothes, luxury bags, shoes, and accessories. In fact, on the platform, you will find products from several top brands and designers like Michael Kors, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others.

According to Tradesy, they’re the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace in America. Upon visiting their website, you might think of them only as luxury secondhand retailers. But if you switch the filter to “low to high”, you’ll discover lots of discounted offerings. This online thrift store is on a mission to minimize the demand for new fashion while helping individuals build a chic wardrobe without investing much.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia Worn Wear made it to this list because of its amazing reputation for sustainability. As a fact, it is the leader in the ethical space because it uses eco-friendly materials and often audits suppliers in its supply chain. The company’s main focus is to improve the environment, and it achieves that through its impressive collection of outdoor gear made from organic materials (recycled polyester and cotton).

Patagonia Worn Wear provides thousands of pieces for men, women, and kids at supper affordable prices. And the best part, they produce timeless pieces, meaning they will never go out of your style.  Also, you can send in your Patagonia clothes (in good condition) and the company will provide you credit towards your new purchase.


Last but not least, we have Swap. It’s one of the top destinations for vintage cloth lovers and those looking for secondhand pieces. Boasting over 2 million premium and unique products, rest assured you will find whatever you’re searching for, be it plus-sized clothes, baby clothes, or shoes. Also, all their items retain at a pocket-friendly priceBottom of Form.

Like most online thrift shops, Swap constantly updates its website with new items even those that don’t fall into the high fashion category. With offices in the US and Europe, the company prides itself on reducing textile waste in landfills. Furthermore, it ensures customers enjoy authentic and quality clothing by inspecting every clothes they receive.

If that’s not enough, Swap offers users a 30-day return policy and free shipping if they order products worth $60 and above. Even though Swap is only accepting items on an invite-only basis at the moment, the company has the potential of growing into the best online thrift shop. But that’s after tackling some growing pains.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if the idea of shopping for vintage and second-hand clothes online excites you, check out these best online thrift stores. They will offer you access to incredible quality products for your home and wardrobe at great discounts. Besides that, you can use them to sell your old luxury pieces, whether shoes, handbags, clothes and sometimes furniture.

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