The Best Rebates and Credits for Solar Panels

Many people want to switch to solar power because it’s an environmentally-friendly form of energy. The great news is that there are affordable (or FREE) options to get solar power today!

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Some people fear that the initial investment cost of solar technology is expensive. As a result, people have shunned away from this idea. But this shouldn’t be the case anymore. New inventions in the solar industry are making this form of energy cheaper and more effective.  Today, switching to solar power can be a cost-effective way to offset your electricity costs and put money in your pockets.

Solar Technology

When someone mentions solar power, the first thing that comes to the mind of people is solar panels. This is understandable since most people around the globe switch to solar power via solar panels. But there’s more than one kind of solar technology.

Solar technology encompasses a wide variety of products, including solar panels, solar designs, solar batteries, and even new tech available today. And since it’s a rapidly expanding industry, we expect to see more innovative products that are not only efficient but also affordable.

With the growing availability of solar technology, individuals interested in transitioning to solar can select a variety of new solar products. Here’s a list of a few exciting solar technology options available in the market today:

  • Frameless solar panels:  These solar panels are designed to look more attractive on your house.
  • Clear solar panels:  Designed with silicon cell technology to look more attractive, durable, and more resistant to fires.
  • Solar windows: They’re glass window replacements that can harness the energy of the sun to power your home.
  • Tesla solar tiles:  These new roof panels mimic the look of a traditional roof making the solar panels unnoticeable.

These are the kind of technology that is making solar power so appealing.  Using them is a great way to power your house while conserving the environment and reducing the cost of electricity.

 And the best part, these new technologies are so effective. According to EnergySage reports, solar technology has significantly increased by 3% in the past three years.

All thanks to the new inventions like the ones we’ve mentioned above, homes can switch to solar with so much ease. New exciting innovations make solar power more appealing to many people and cause a drop in the prices of solar products.  

How to Get Solar Installation for Free

The perks of switching from traditional electricity to solar panels are so many. You can save on electricity costs, improve your environment, have control of your home’s power, and even make money from selling extra power.  

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Besides the numerous benefits, solar power is now more popular because people can install it in their homes for free.

A few years ago, transitioning from electricity to solar power was expensive, meaning people with limited income could not afford the switch.

Even though solar power can significantly reduce the cost of electricity, the initial installation cost was too high for most people.  But today, it’s affordable and even sometimes it free.

If you want to learn how you can set up solar power in your home without spending a single cent, look at the options below.

Solar Lease

There are many solar lease options available today. Many Solar lease options offer a $0-down agreement.  If you enter a solar lease agreement with a solar company, they will install the solar panels for free- you won’t have to pay any upfront.

However, you’ll pay a fixed monthly payment which is calculated using the estimated amount of electricity the solar system will produce. Typically, it’s between 10% to 30% less than your current average electricity cost.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA works like a solar lease- you will pay $0 down to get the solar system installed. 

When you select a PPA, you’ll agree with a solar company on a specific amount you’ll pay each month to use the electricity produced by the new solar system.

Solar Lease and PPA only differ when it comes to monthly payments.  Besides the $0 down benefit, your monthly bill will be about 20% to 30% cheaper than your current electricity rate.

Selling Excess Energy to Increase Your Income

When you transition to solar power, you will start saving cash each month on your utility. Although most people switch to solar because of this benefit, there’s more to solar than meets the eye.  A solar system can produce enough energy to power more than one house.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to make extra money. You can sell the excess energy generated by your solar panel to your local utility company for a cash payout or future credit.  This process is called metering.

According to Investopedia, net metering allows you to sell energy generated by your solar to a utility company, to reduce your monthly utility. If your solar panel generates more energy than you need, then you can get a credit for the extra energy you’ve produced.

The benefits you can derive from net metering varies depending on where you live.  Different states have varying laws and details on net metering. In some states, you can earn a positive return from your solar panels for years.

Transition to Solar and Cut Your Electricity Bill

Installing a solar system can help you reduce and even eliminate your monthly electricity bill.   The longer you use solar panels the more you’ll save.

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Investopedia reports say a homeowner in Portland can save approximately $17,000. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can save $50,000 and in Boston, you can save about $40,000.

Solar technology today is affordable so make the switch to receive all the benefits associated with this form of energy.

And with the $0 option, you can reap maximum benefits as soon as possible.  If you want to avoid paying upfront solar costs, select a Solar Lease or PPA option that offers you a $0 down agreement.

Ensure you do extensive research before selecting a $0 down option. Compare the different choice in your area and determine with one will better suit your home.  If you select the right zero-down option, you’ll receive the best return on your investment.