These Grants Help Seniors Improve Their Homes

Many people need to update & remodel their home as they become seniors. Fortunately, these free grant programs can help seniors remodel their bathrooms at no cost.

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A lot of people spend the later years of their lives relying solely on a fixed income. Due to a lack of funds, it can be hard for these people to pay for unplanned home repairs and maintenance. The good news is there are many home-repair assistance programs and grants senior citizens in this situation may be eligible for.

Home repairs and modifications can help senior citizens reside in their homes for as long as possible. Also, making making a senior’s home more accessible lowers the risk of injury, prevents accidents, and reduces their dependence on others.

Additionally, home updates can help minimize energy usage which reduces utility bills. Fortunately, there are plenty of financial assistance programs set up to help seniors get the home modifications they need.

Below are some of the organizations that provide home repair financial assistance for Americans over the age of 55. Get in touch with them for key updates that will improve your quality of life and safety.

Federal repair programs

The federal government has a home repair loan and grant program for senior citizens. It is referred to as the Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program and handled by the US Department of Agriculture rural Development offices. Older adults who reside in eligible areas and meet the requirements can get these federal grants and loans for home repairs. Home repair grants up to $7,500, and loans up to $20,000 are available for people who are 62 years or above.

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State repair programs

California also offers home-repair assistance programs to its senior citizens through non-profit, municipal, and state housing agencies. For example, cities such as Richmond administer home-repair programs as well as a no interest deferred loan program for older adults.  Moreover, almost every US state helps seniors and other homeowners with weatherization related repairs.

State weatherization programs

There are many state weatherization programs, such as those administered by the California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD). Older adults or other qualified low-income homeowners can benefit from zero-cost weatherization programs. In California, weatherization programs are usually offered by local, non-profit agencies, and community “energy service providers.” Alameda County’s Spectrum Community Services Incorporation is a good example of a local non-profit administering weatherization programs in the Golden State. Home weatherization covers upgrades related to windows, heating and insulation, as well as air conditioning units.

Earthquake brace and bolt (EBB)

Earthquake Brace and Bolt provides a grant of $3,000 to help Californian homeowners seismically retrofit their houses that aren’t braced for optimal protection against an earthquake. This offer is for owners or occupants that live in a house with a less than 4-foot cripple wall. Although this is not exclusively meant for older adults, it helps people who have been living in their homes long before home bracing and retrofitting became popular.

Home energy update assistance programs

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program assists low-income households in paying for weatherization, energy-related home repairs, energy crisis help, and heating and cooling energy costs.

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides short-term financial assistance to low-income homeowners to help them update their homes so that they will be weatherized and more energy efficient.

Sliding scale and reduced fee contractor services

A lot of home modification contractors offer their services for senior citizens on a sliding scale or at a lowered cost, based on their monthly income.

Ask if there’s a special offer for your older adult when you call home modification contractors for estimates.


Some insurers offer long-term care policies that cover home modifications. Check the insurance policy of your older adult for details.

Medicare & Medicaid

While Medicaid and Medicare don’t cover home modifications, they are going to pay for medical equipment prescribed to you by a doctor.

This equipment may be a toilet safety frame, bath transfer bench, hospital bed, walker, wheelchair, and more.

Speak with the doctor of your older adult to know if there’s any medical equipment that could help improve their safety and health at home.

Other repair resources

Many foundations and charities provide home-repair services to older adults and any other eligible applicant. Local Habitat for Humanity offices across the US often offer to repair the homes of senior citizens. For example, the Los Angeles branch of California affiliates of Habitat for Humanity organized home-repair events specifically for eligible older adults. In addition, Rebuilding Together and the PacifiCorp Foundation teamed up to provide home-repair programs to qualified applicants resident in California.

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