Walmart Announces Huge Pay Increase for Truck Drivers

Walmart just announced a huge price increase for truck drivers. You can now earn $110,000 in your first year driving for Walmart. See below for more details.

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There is a supply chain crisis affecting retailers across the United States which has made it difficult to get goods delivered on time. As a result, some retailers like Walmart are looking for new solutions to ensure their store shelves are fully stocked at all times. One of these strategies is to increase the starting salary of Walmart’s truck drivers in an effort to get more people to drive trucks for Walmart.

New Starting Salary

The new announcement from Walmart is that brand new truck drivers can earn $110,000 in their first year driving for the company. Even better than a $110,000 starting salary is the fact that you can earn even more based on factors such as how long you have driven for Walmart and your location.

The old starting salary for Walmart truck drivers was $87,500 so this pay bump represents a 26% growth in starting salary. The average truck driver in the United States earns $56,491 so if those truckers were to switch to the Walmart fleet they could see an immediate salary increase of 95%! Rarely do you have an opportunity to increase your salary by nearly double within one year so it is no surprise that this opportunity from Walmart is getting so much attention.

In addition to the high salaries, Walmart offers its drivers a wide range of benefits and perks. For example, Walmart will cover the cost of tuition and books for employees who want to go to college through its Live Better U program. That is on top of more standard benefits like health coverage that you will receive when you become a driver for Walmart.

Walmart Fleet Development Program

The opportunity to be a truck driver for Walmart is open to existing truck drivers as well as people who want to start in the profession.

For people who are new to the profession of truck driving, Walmart has launched the “Fleet Development Program” which offers the opportunity to earn their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). If you join the Fleet Development program Walmart will assist you in completing the written material and in-field tests that are required to get your CDL license.

The fleet development program will take 12 weeks to complete after which you will be a fully licensed CDL driver who is able to work full-time in the Walmart fleet. As of right now, the Walmart Fleet Development Program is being offered in the states of Texas and Delaware. We expect it may be offered in more states in the future so we recommend paying close attention to the program to see when new openings arise.

Walmart hopes to train 400 to 800 people per year through the Fleet Development program. The plan is to offer this program nationwide for anybody who wants to become a Walmart truck driver.

Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

In addition to the starting salary of $110,000 there are plenty of other benefits to becoming a truck driver. One of the great benefits is that you get to see the entire country and work without having a boss standing over your shoulder all day. Many truckers love the independence that a career in trucking offers compared to alternatives like working in a factory.

Another huge benefit is that trucking is a fast growing field with a shortage of workers. This means there is a big likelihood that trucking salaries will continue to increase at a fast rate. It also means great job security. Since there is currently a shortage of truckers in the United States, it means that the odds you would be out of work are incredibly low.

Unlike an office job, trucking gives you the freedom to be yourself and work the schedule you will like. You do not need to be in the office from 9 to 5 and while you are driving you can listen to whatever type of music or podcast you would like to.

In Conclusion

If you would like a better paying job it is worth looking into truck driving opportunities with Walmart. There is a high starting salary as well as a full suite of benefits. This opportunity is open to experienced truck drivers as well as people without any experience. Check the links below and get started on your new job as a truck driver for Walmart.

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