Walmart’s Best Cell Phone Deals

Walmart is the best place to get major discounts on Apple, Samsung and Android cell phones. Check out these deals before buying a new phone anywhere else.

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When most people are looking to buy a new cell phone they tend to do their research by looking at prices and deals from cell phone companies like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. However, if that is the only place to look you are likely to miss out on some of the best cell phone deals across the United States.

Discount retailers like Walmart and Costco are known to offer even better prices on cell phones than the carriers themselves. This is especially true if you don’t need the latest and greatest cell phone. For example, if you are happy getting the iPhone 11 instead of the iPhone 12 you can probably find a better deal at Walmart since they offer generous discounts on last year’s models.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the deals currently available from Walmart:

Walmart Cell Phone Plans – My Family Mobile

Walmart offer a service called My Family Mobile which is like Walmart’s own cell phone service but where the coverage is provided by T-Mobile. By using the My Family Mobile program, you get access to the absolute cheapest wireless plans and phones in the United States. All of the plans offered by Walmart are no contract, with no surprise fees and there is coverage for 99% of people in the United States. Plans start at only $24.88 per month and they are truly unlimited.

Every single Walmart plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data. You will never have to pay overages with these plans. For $24.88 per month you get unlimited calling, unlimited texting, 2 GB of high speed data and unlimited 2G speed data. If you upgrade to the $29.88 per month plan you get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 5 GB of high speed data and unlimited 2G speed data.

If you’re interested in switching over to Walmart MY Family Mobile, it’s possible to do so while keeping your existing phone number. You can port you cell phone number over to Walmart Family Mobile in a matter of minutes. You can do this and keep your old phone, or you can choose to purchase a new phone.

If you choose to purchase a new phone, then check out these deals to see the savings currently available.

Walmart Apple iPhone Deals

If you are looking to get a new iPhone, then you’re in luck. Walmart is currently offering the 64 GB Apple iPhone XR for only $349 to be used with My Family Mobile plans. Or you can get the iPhone SE for only $139 in silver, gold or rose gold. Perhaps their best deal is the iPhone 6s 32 GB for only $99.

Unfortunately there are no deals on the iPhone 12. However, budget conscious consumers can buy that phone directly from Apple and then use the Walmart My Family Mobile plans. This allows you to take advantage of the $24.88 monthly plan pricing which is likely 50-75% cheaper than an unlimited plan from Verizon or AT&T.

Walmart Android Deals

If you prefer Samsung phones, then Walmart also has several deals for you that are sure to impress. The Samsung Galaxy A01 16 GB is only $59 while the Samsung Galaxy A20 is only $149 for a high end smartphone. If you prefer a flagship smartphone, then you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for only $849.

Some people want a simple, budget smartphone and if that is you then Walmart also has you covered. They have Android smartphones like the TCL A2 which costs only $39.88 or the LG Journey for $29.88. It really is hard to believe that for under $30 you can have access to a brand new Android phone and a reliable, nationwide network from Walmart.  

In Conclusion

Anybody in the market for an affordable cell phone plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data should consider the Walmart My Family Mobile options. This is one of the most affordable cell phone plans in the United States and you will never be stuck in a contract or face surprise fees.

Plus, Walmart offers a variety of discounts on brand new iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and Android phones that make the service even more affordable. By taking advantage of these deals you can save a bundle on both the cost of your cell phone and your monthly rate plan. Before you buy a new cell phone from one of the big carriers, make sure to check out the incredible deals from Walmart.

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