What Diabetic Products are Covered by Medicare?

Diabetes can be a very expensive medical condition to deal with. The treatment costs keep increasing every year as the patient needs to buy medication and supplies frequently. It can become difficult to manage the healthcare costs when you’re living with diabetes, especially if you are on a fixed income.

Diabetics spend around $9,600 every year on medical expenses directly related to diabetes. You are not alone if you find yourself spending a lot of money on diabetes related supplies. Many others are suffering from the exact same problem.

The good news is that you can use your Medicare plan to manage your healthcare costs. Many diabetics don’t realize all of the cost saving options that are available to beneficiaries of Medicare. If you take full advantage of Medicare and your Medicare supplement plan you will see your out of pocket health costs decrease considerably. Let’s take a look at the diabetes related expenses that can be covered by Medicare.

Blood Sugar Monitors – 80% Coverage

Monitoring blood sugar is one of the major expenses of diabetes. You need to buy a range of accessories like test strips, infusion pumps and tubing that are required for testing purposes. You can easily find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on these supplies.

The good news for Medicare subscribers is that they can cover the glucose and blood sugar monitors with Medicare Part B. This plan also covers related accessories and supplies like glucose sensors, lancets, test strips, insulin and tubing. You will only have to pay 20% and Medicare Part B will pay the remaining 80%.

Insulin Costs – 80% Coverage

Everyone knows that insulin is really important for diabetics. Many patients need a daily dose of insulin when they’re living with diabetes. The average diabetes patient spends around $5,705 annually on insulin alone. Given the costs of this medication, diabetics should make sure to claim it on Medicare so they are not out of thousands of dollars.

Medicare subscribers can fulfill their daily needs of insulin without having to break the bank. Medicare Part B covers 80% of insulin costs. However, this coverage is only available for individuals who meet certain conditions. Contact you plan provider to see if you qualify.

Full Coverage of Foot Exams and Therapeutic Shoes

The costs of diabetes are not just limited to the medication and medical equipment needs. Patients need to spend money on other things as well that help them live a healthier life. Diabetic foot disease and diabetic peripheral neuropathy are some other health conditions that may appear as a result of diabetes.

Foot exams are covered by Medicare Part B if you have lost sensation in your feet or diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Therapeutic shoes, sometimes referred to as orthotics, are also covered for people with diabetic foot disease.

How Can You Save Money with Medicare Coverage?

There are many people who could save a fortune on their diabetes supplies, medications and equipment. Please try to reduce these costs through your Medicare plan instead of paying for all of these costs out of pocket.

Covering diabetes costs should not be a big expense for people with Medicare plans. Talk to your coverage provider to see if you meet the requirements or not. You can also increase your coverage by making changes to your Medicare plan or buying a new supplemental insurance plan.