Where to Find the Best Apartment Rentals

Landing the best rental house that’s within your budget without help can be hard, but not impossible. You just need to know where to look or who to talk to.

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With the help of technology finding a rental house today is easier.  All you need to do is to go online and search. You never know you might just land your dream rental home or apartment.

What’s more, today’s highly competitive market makes it easier for you to find the best deal.  According to the Pew Research Center,  over 36.6% of American homes were occupied by renters in 2016.  And out of the millennials surveyed, about 65% were renting apartments. 

This means today there are more renters than ever. So it’s no surprise to find amazing properties at affordable prices.

With that said! Take the hassle out of your rental home or apartment search, using the six options mentioned below.  These options will help you find your next perfect property.


Although Craigslist has a bad reputation, it can be a great platform to find low-cost opportunities.  Nearly 90% of renters often start their rental apartment search on this platform or Zillow.

In Craigslist you’ll find numerous big apartment complex as well as private owners who’re subletting their homes or landlords who’re renting out their properties.

In U.S. rental-housing market, Craigslist is often considered as the largest exchange of real-time information since landlords and homeowners can list their rentals for free.

Besides, they don’t have to worry about taking their list down when their rentals are not available because they’re not charged.  That’s why it’s easy to find an outdated listing, thankfully you’re provided with the option of searching for listing posted today.

Use these few tips to make your search in Craigslist seamless:

  • Eliminate any areas that are 90-minute away from your work location.
  • Create a spreadsheet with cells named as follow: size, price range, neighborhood, transportation, and any other consideration you think necessary. Remember to set aside space for notes.
  • Bookmark your favorite page.
  • Search every day and if you find something you like, respond instantly.


Apartments. com is a popular website that features an extensive list of apartment rentals, but most of the listing are large apartment complexes.   It also offers single-family home and townhome listings.

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The interesting thing about this site is that it comes with a huge collection of filters, which lets you filter by certain categories such as military, housing, Income-restricted, etc.

It also comes with an overlay system that allows you to view transit lines, neighborhood boundaries, local campus, and transit lines while searching.

Although the details about specific neighborhoods are limited, you can use the map to see the highlighted vacant complexes.  On the map, you can indicate your preferred border and neighborhood amenities.

If you find your preferred rental apartment you can capitalize on special deals and other incentives by renting the place via the website.


HotPads was bought by Zillow in 2012. Today, it offers its users an exhaustive list of apartment and house listing across the U.S.

It comprises unique features and an amazing deal of information.  The website lets you search for cooperate houses, rooms for rent, sublets, and military, student, or senior housing.

It allows you to search for listings with multiple pictures. Also, it lets you use keywords to search for amenities and neighborhoods.  The website comes with over 90,000 ratings and reviews of apartment complexes,  neighborhoods as well as individual units.


Just like Hotpads, Zillow also owns Trulia.  This website works together with community-based websites like SportCrime.com and EveryBlock.com, to obtain the latest neighborhood-specific information about commutes, crime, schools, local business, etc. It also allows you to view results in map, list, or grid-format.

Trulia keeps the concerns of the LGBT community in mind, that’s they have a unique feature that will help users of the LGBT community understand the non-discrimination laws in the areas they’re considering.

Trulia app works on both Android and iOS devices and has earned huge popularity for its easy to use interface.

Consult an Expert

 It’s always a good idea to seek advice from a Relators. Real estate agents are well –versed with the market and specific neighborhood. Most are always ready to share their opinions, even when you’re not ready to buy a property.

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One can advise you against renting a house while another can steer you towards rentals. Either way, their contribution can help you make a final decision.  Agents also know when there’s a vacant house around and who’s moving out.

If you can’t find an Agent, opt for relocation specialists.  Many are authorized to show rental properties so they can help you find what you’re looking for in town.  Also, they can help you relocate if you’re in a tight deadline. They will…

  • Arrange movers
  • Help you find child care or schools
  • Help you ship your pets
  • Arrange the shipping of your vehicle
  • Arrange for utilities
  • Refer you to legal, dental, medical, etc.

And if you find a specialist who’s paid a commission by an agency like Worldwide ERC you won’t spend a cent on the relocation services.

Take a Ride Around the Desired Areas

Although the internet can help you find the available deals, make an effort to visit the place and see it for yourself.

First, visit the area you want to live in. Stop into small business and local groceries and check for notices in bulletin boards. Stop by apartment leasing offices in person.

You never know you might even receive a waived fee or free month’s rent.  Go through the latest online reviews of resident or talk with tenants you might meet around the property.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then visit other neighborhoods that have lots of listing.  Sit in different locations and observe people.

Take a cup of coffee in a neighborhood café and eavesdrop.  Try seeing yourself living in that neighborhood. It won’t be long before you notice the bad things and good things about an area.

Remember rental scams are real. So when the deals seem too good to be true; back out.

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