Where to Trade In Your Old Phone for Extra Cash

We’ve highlighted a few of the best cell phone trade-in options, where you can get top dollar for your device.

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Are you looking to sell your old iPhone or Android phone? Maybe you want to purchase a new model or you just need extra cash. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many trade-in businesses popping up, it’s now more difficult than ever to select the best one. But don’t worry. We got you covered.

Selecting the Best Trade-in Places

In our list, we’ve ranked the best trade-in places based on their online reputation among retailers and how easy it is to get in touch with them.

Keep in mind that each trade-in business is different. They all have different things to offer and their trade-value changes day by day.

Also, they tend to assign value based on the condition of the seller’s device. As a result, a pre-owned phone in excellent condition is more likely to fetch a higher price of store credit.


This trade-in place comes as no surprise. Amazon is the king of online commerce. It offers sellers trade-in services for several items, including phones, tablets, books, and even video games.

Amazon marketplace will allow you to select anything and sell it via Amazon. If you’re a regular Amazon customer, you’ll receive Amazon Gift Cards when you trade in your devices. That’s pretty much the same as cash for dedicated Prime Users.

If you have a trade-in item, Amazon in-store associates will review your item, then provide you with a trade-in offer based on your device model and condition. Even If your device doesn’t work, it can still get accepted.

If you accept the offer, Amazon will send you a pre-paid shipping label, which you can print out. Then you can pack your item in your package and send it to amazon.

Ensure you’ve cleared all the data from your phone, but if you forget, Amazon can also clear the data themselves. Depending on your location, your trade-in item can take up to 10 business days before it arrives and gets processed.

Once received and appraised, Amazon will send you an e-mail notification within 2 days informing you whether they accepted or rejected your item.  


Apple’s trade-in program offers a simple way to better afford a new iPhone or iPad, as phone trades get your Apple Store credits. For a trade-in with Apple, you can physically visit their store or use an online service, which runs by Apple partner Phobio.

However, don’t expect to make so much from your iPhone trade-in, since Apple only pays you in Apple Gift Cards. This might benefit you if you’re looking for a device in the Apple ecosystem. But if you’re after another phone, let’s say Google Pixel 4, then you’re better off looking for another alternative.

Another thing, Apple’s trade-in program doesn’t factor in how much storage your phone has. So, a trade-in for a 64 GB iPhone X will get you the same trade-in value as that of a 256 GB iPhone X.

But on the brighter side, if you’re near an Apple Store, you can get a trade-in offer and payment in a matter of minutes. For those who will take the online route, quote time is valid for only 14 days. Apple promises to process the payment in about 2 business days.

With this trade-in program, you can only exchange iPhones and iPads for Apple Gift Cards.


GadgetGone deals mostly with iPhones, but it also claims to take other devices like Android phones. If you’re selling other items, email them to find out if they’re interested.

GadgetGone often pays customers via checks and PayPal, but sometimes they can pay using printable e-checks. Before accepting payment via printable e-check, consult your bank first to know if they accept checks printed out on an inkjet.

Even though the company has a “2 days to payment” policy, it offers no price offer guarantees and slips-up on its lack of security practices. Furthermore, it provides no exact method for phone support and provides almost no company info on its website.

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igotoffer is an Apple-branded trade-in marketplace. However, they accept Samsung and Google phones. Besides iPhone, igotoffer make offers on Apple Displays, Apple TVs, and Mac Pros.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to clear any data on your phone since this trade-in shop doesn’t specify if they provide a security wipe on your data. Also, the shop fails to inform sellers of how long an offer quote is good for.

If you want to trade-in your device with igotoffer, the company will send you a prepaid shipping label via email and you can print it out. That’s good, but a full shipping kit will come in handy to protect your device.

The company claims to process payment within 3 business days. You will also receive your payment via check, Amazon Gift Card, or PayPal.


If you’re looking for higher payout rates for your device, ItsWorthMore is your best bet. The company accepts both Apple Products and Android devices. It also has trade-in offers for other tablets, wearable, desktops, and laptops.

The company will walk you through the process of finding the specific iPhone model. And once you’ve entered your device condition, you will revive a 14-day offer quote guarantee and prepaid shipping label.

After shipping your phone and it’s received, the company will evaluate your device to ensure it matches the conditions you stated. The company pledges to process payment within 3 business days. Also, it offers phone support.

You will receive your payment via PayPal, check, or Zelle. For PayPal, the company deducts 3% to settle its PayPal fees.


For over 12 years, NextWorth has paid out over $210 million in electronics trade-ins. It accepts a wide range of devices, including wearables, laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPods, action cameras, and even portable audio devices.

Receiving a quote from them is so easy. All you have to do is visit their website and answer a quick questionnaire about the condition of your iPhone or Android phone. Once you’ve submitted your device, you’ll receive a 30-day offer quote.

To ship your device to the company, you need to download and print a pre-paid shipping label. If you forget to clear your data, don’t worry, NextWorth will provide you with a security wipe and phone support.

Once the company receives your device, they will check its condition. And if it’s in the condition you stated, they will honor their quote. NextWorth will send you your payment through PayPal or a check. Most of the customers receive their payment evaluation within 5 to 12 days.

What’s even better, the company offers a few walk-in locations in the US where you can sell your device.  


YouRenew features an amazing search option that allows sellers to find the make and model of the items they want to trade-in. If you type in “kindle”, the search tool will bring up kindle trade-in options. The same goes for “Mini”- Mac Mini options.

YouRenew works with US-based sellers only and sends payment via checks. To help you ship your iPhone, the company will send you a prepaid shopping label.

Although we don’t know how long their offer lasts and the time-period for payment, we know the company accepts bulk-trade-ins for those sellers who want to dispose of several devices.

Just like NextWorth, YouRenew offers a support phone number and security wipe.

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