Why More People are Becoming Truck Drivers

Today goods are being shipped across the United States like never before thanks to the success of retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The increased transportation of goods has resulted in additional demands that trucking companies have been struggling to keep up with.

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The increased demand has rendered the shortage of over 50,000 truck drivers even though employers are will to pay as much as $80,000 annually to fill the positions. This demand and supply equation has created some beautiful opportunities for people who are free to take on a job that can give them plenty of extra money.

How to Become a Truck Driver

You’ll need to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) if you want to become a truck driver. There are three CDL classifications: A, B, and C. The latter two are for smaller vehicles like passenger vans, buses and dump trucks. However, you’ll require a Class A license if you want to drive a tractor-trailer.

You’ll need to take these steps if you want to get your CDL license.

Obtain a CDL Manual

You can pick up a CDL manual at one of your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle locations or can simply download a copy from the website.

It’s better to review the manual to confirm if you qualify. In most states, if you’re 18 or 21 and have a valid driver’s license you are eligible for it.

Pass a Series of Written Tests

Once you’ve made sure you qualify for a CDL license, the second step is to pass a series of written tests at your nearby DMV testing site to qualify for a commercial driver’s instruction permit (CDIP).

You require this permit because you cannot practice driving a tractor-trailer with a regular driver’s license.

Add Endorsements

Some CDL licenses ask for endorsements for which you need to pass additional tests to obtain it. This includes:

  • Class H: Hazardous Materials
  • Class N: Tank Vehicles
  • Class P: Passenger-Carrying Vehicles
  • Class S: School Buses
  • Class T: Towing a Double or Triple Trailer

You Must Pass a Series of Skills Tests

After this, you’ll have to pass numerous skills tests to prove your proficiency in driving a commercial vehicle. You’ll need to take your test in a tractor-trailer rig in order to obtain a Class A CDL license. If you require endorsements, you also need to have to pass tests for those.

It is possible to obtain your CDL license on your own. However, it’s better and more convenient to attend a CDL training school. The training will provide you both the classroom training and hands-on learning that you require. In addition, some training schools have collaborations with trucking companies and they assist students in getting a job upon graduation. Other trucking companies usually reimburse the fee you paid at CDL training school if you work for them.

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Obtaining a CDL license without attending a training school is a matter of a few hundred dollars. The biggest expense you’ll have to pay involves the renting of a truck in which you take your test. However, the cost of a truck driving school usually runs between $3,000 and $7,000.

Occasionally, a truck company that you’ve decided to work for will provide the training you require and will even allow you to borrow a truck for your test. This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to become a truck driver.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver?


One essential benefit of driving a truck after retirement is the extra cash that it brings in. This is one of the major benefits as many seniors are struggling to make ends meet.

Becoming a truck driving is very lucrative. Team truck drivers earn an average of $80,674 annually. If you get the qualifications to haul oversized loads you can expect to earn between $53,125 and $90,000 per year.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are another attraction reason to drive a truck. A majority of trucking companies pay excellent benefits, including retirement plans and life insurance. These benefits provide a retiree with extra financial security.

Benefits usually include prescription drug coverage, medical, dental and vision. Plus, many truckers also get paid vacations and receive holiday pay.


Driving a truck will enable you to visit different locations within the US, that had been previously unknown to them. Does it not make traveling even more interesting as it will come with financial benefits? And there is the added benefit that you get paid to travel as all your accommodations and meals will be covered by your employer.


It’s common for two truck drivers to operate as a team. This allows a husband and wife work together and both get paid.

Teams usually make long hauls in less time as team members can alternately drive. Occasionally, teams can earn bonuses that increase their annual salaries to over $100,000.

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If you are looking for a new, high-paying career then it would be wise to consider truck driving. These jobs are in high demand and quite lucrative. Once you get your license you will be able to apply for a number of different local jobs that are hiring now.