Why People Are Getting Nursing Degrees Online

Want to start a rewarding, high-paying career in nursing? It’s faster and easier than ever thanks to these degrees that you can earn in under one year.

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Most people want to have a career they are passionate about and that is fulfilling. Others may want to have steady or stable work that pays well. One career that has all of these factors is nursing. Becoming a nurse is one of the best jobs that someone can have and it’s easier than ever to get a nursing degree and break into the field.

Here are the most common reasons why people are becoming nurses.

1. It offers job security

If you are looking for security in your job, nursing should be included as a top choice. A lot of jobs are being replaced by new technology, but that’s not possible with nursing. There’s no way for a machine to replace the human element and bedside care that nurses provide. The job security of nursing is incredibly steady because people will always be getting sick. Nurses will always be needed for when people are sick and recovering.

Even during times of economic struggle or a recession, nurses can rest assured that they will not lose their jobs.

2. Plenty of options available

There are more types of nurses than the ones you see beside a hospital bed. You can choose from becoming emergency nurse, paramedic, travel nurses, dialysis nurse, operating room nurse, etc. Your office setting will be based on the specialty that you will choose. All of these options are available to someone who earns a nursing degree, and if you don’t enjoy the first field of nursing that you select you can always try out other ones.

There are some subspecialties of nursing that are particularly lucrative. A Certified Nursing Anesthetist administers anesthesia to patients while working very closely with an anesthesiologist. Nurses who specialize in this field earn an average of $135,000 per year.

A Certified Nurse Midwife will earn $84,000 per year on average to help deliver babies, provide healthcare to expecting mothers and provide prenatal/postnatal care.

The median annual salary of a Nursing Case Manager is $69,000 per year. In this role you are usually employed by an insurance company instead of a hospital. You will be responsible for monitoring how patients progress through their treatment plans and evaluating their recovery.

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3. Enjoy a flexible schedule

Nurses work just as hard (probably harder) than the average person. This job is rewarding and challenging; it requires not just physical but also emotional and mental demand. Fortunately, one perk nursing does have is flexible scheduling options. Nurses are just given the option to work as much in a week and get as much rest they deserve. They can work four days straight and take the next three days for rest.

4. In demand skills

Indeed reports that the nursing industry is among the steady, secure and stable jobs. According to Indeed, the employment rate for nursing will grow by 16% over the next several years. There is currently a critical shortage of nurses that is only expected to get worse as the baby boomer population ages. As a result, nurses are in high demand and will continue to be for the next 25 plus years as the baby boomer population becomes elderly.

5. Student loans issues solved

Student loan forgiveness programs are offered to those who get a nursing degree. There are several ways for nurses to get their student debt forgiven if they work full time upon graduation. Nurses who receive a Perkins Loan will have 100% of their student loans forgiven once they work full time for 5 years as a nurse. This is a fantastic option for low income individuals who don’t have the money to pay for a nursing degree.

6. Get the chance to see the world

Flight attendants are not the only ones who can travel the world while getting paid. Travel nurses are another option to travel to different cities and even countries. Doing such can open you to a good career and exciting life experience.

If travel nursing is something that interests you we recommend you connect with one of the many travel nursing organizations that exist. They can help guide you through the process of traveling the world while working as a nurse.

7. Lead a more fulfilling life

Having a fulfilling job helps people lead a healthier and better life. Since nurses are on the front lines to help fight diseases, they have greater job satisfaction since they are heroes that help make a difference in our society.

8. Start an online nursing career in months

Going to a traditional nursing school can be costly and time-consuming. With the modern way of living we have today, an online program can get you start the basic coursework before you start clinical work. You can become a Home Health Aide in only 1 month, a Nursing Assistant in 6 months, a Licensed Practical Nurse in 9 months or Registered Nurse in a 12 month accelerated program.

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