Why Seniors are Pursuing Online Degrees

Availability, affordability and flexibility are just few reasons why seniors are into getting online education.

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Not everyone gets the chance to finish college and have a degree. If you happen to be someone without a degree, there is still hope to finish college through an online program. There are plenty of options available for everyone. Today, finishing a degree is just a click away. Check out your preferred degree and review the pricing here.

Learn in the comfort of your home

People without a degree will know how challenging it can be to advance in your career because you don’t have a degree. Of course, it is not your fault. There are circumstances in life that make it more complicated to get a degree. These are things like not having money to pay for tuition, having kids, losing a job and the like.

Seniors are now able to earn that degree they didn’t during their early years. They can study from home which makes it very easy to take classes. Being able to learn from the comfort of their own home is also great for anyone with hearing difficulties, mobility issues and senior who don’t drive. Flexible class schedules at home no longer require transportation or other packing worries. This is a study at your own pace method of learning.

When you have an internet connection at home and a computer, you are good to go. There are even universities that provide laptops if you don’t have one.

Study at Top Colleges and Universities

You will be surprised to learn how many top ranked colleges are now offering their degrees programs fully online. Top ranked institutions like Arizona State University, University of Florida, Texas Tech and more offers online courses. You are able to acquire a wide variety of degrees ranging from certificate and associate degrees all the way to doctorate degrees online.

With more and more seniors nowadays, some schools report that about 10% of enrolled individuals are aged 50 and above.

Even Ivy League institutions now offer online degree programs. All eight Ivy League colleges offer online courses to students and now they are offering online degrees as well. Soon you will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree online from select Ivy League colleges.

Special Services for Seniors

Seniors are welcome to take advantage of the special services offered by various schools. Introductory lessons that explain how the online courses work can help older students grow accustomed to online learning.

When the setting is online class, the real-world studying experience can improve perspective and depth. A layer of anonymity can be acquired in online degrees that attracts those who are shy to go back to a campus based school. Even if you learn alone at home, the classes still promote interaction with people who share similar interests which can eliminate the boredom and isolation that most seniors feel.

Colleges also like to have seniors in their classes. Younger students recognize the perseverance and determination it takes to go back to college in your golden years. This sets a positive example for students in their teens and twenties. Interacting with seniors can also help younger students boost maturity, responsibility and discipline.

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Tuition Fee Assistance

Seniors may have limited funds available and feel like they can’t afford to go back to college. However, they will be happy to learn that several financial assistance packages are available.

Seniors can learn about the financial assistance offered in their particular state. Each state is different so we recommend researching the specific policies for where you live. There are even colleges that gives special deals only for seniors such as reduced tuition or even free courses. Many public colleges and universities across the USA provide senior residents with free or discounted tuition based on qualifications like age and income level. We recommend you check your eligibility at whichever college you would like to attend.

Any leftover funds in an Education Savings Account originally set up for your kids can be used for your own education fees. Financial aid departments can also be helpful in finding you loans, grants and scholarships offered by government and private institutions. Some of these are made specifically for seniors.

Another consideration that can be helpful for school expenses are the federal tax credits for education. Each year, around $2,500 of opportunity tax credit is provided in the US. This is on top of the annual lifetime learning credit of $2,000.

Going Back to School is Good for Your Health

Proper brain functioning is about using it or losing it. It is best to ensure that the brain is mentally active to keep your skills in the best working condition. This includes thinking, problem-solving and reasoning. Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be slowed down if there is continuous learning.

According to research, even in later life, brain cells keep on growing. New experiences can help stimulate the growth of brain cells while keeping the brain sharp and healthy. You may also notice that mentally challenging activities will result in improved memory.

Final Thoughts

Learning new things should not be limited as we age. Online courses can help you socialize and have fun. Returning to college during your golden years can definitely help you achieve satisfaction and personal growth. The best part is that grants and tuition assistance can make going back to school low cost or even entirely free.

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