Picking the Right Project Management Tool

Are you in the market for the best project management tool? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There are lots of tools you can use to organize work, but nothing beats project management tools. The software enables the communication and collaboration of teams. As a result, they help them see projects through from concept to delivery.

The software makes it easier for project managers and teams to plan, execute, and monitor the progress of projects. They can ensure all tasks get done on time, within the scope, and on budget. An excellent tool will generate a transparent record, so all team members understand what to do and when.

Project management tools come integrated with several features, such as tables, portfolio view, analytics, project tracking, and resourcing. Therefore, they’re essential for streamlining many businesses tasks.

Picking the right project management tool is important. The best tool will greatly affect the success of your project while helping you save time. But don’t take our word for it! According to statistics, approximately 77 percent of successful teams utilize project management software.

Besides that, businesses that invest in the best project management software save 28 times more cash than those that don’t. It’s difficult to ignore these statistics.

Definition of A Project Management Tool

Basically, it’s software that assists in the planning, managing, monitoring, and resource optimization within an enterprise. Although the tools vary in several ways, they share some things, including:

  • Tracking and assigning tasks: Nearly all project management software can assign and monitor projects across their lifespan.
  • Sharing Documents: Most, if not all, project management tools can share documents. This allows team members to share resources and work on materials together and hassle-free.
  • Collaboration: These tools come with communication and collaborations functionalities.

Choosing the Right Project Management Software

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of project management tools in today’s market. However, finding the right tool that can meet your organization’s needs is no simple task. You can end up investing in a tool only to find no use for it after a few months.

Therefore, it’s wise to compare the available choices and select the one that better suits your organization’s objectives and goals.

Keep in mind the right tool should meet two primary requirements: First, it comes with all features or integrations required by a project manager. Second, all team members should be willing to adopt and use the tool.

4 Best Project Management Tools You Should Consider


Teams that use Hive will enjoy high productivity and collaboration. Hive is the project management tool behind industry-leading companies, including Starbucks, Google, Essence, Uber, Anheuser Bush, and others. The software is dedicated to helping teams in organizations of all sizes to move faster. Additionally, it improves enterprise-wide efficiency.

If you want a tool that allows you to customize project views and comes with several integrations, look no further than hive.


  • Time-tracking and timesheet abilities
  • Personalize project views such as Kanban, table, portfolio view, and Gantt
  • Over 1,000 integrations, including Zoom, Salesforce, and Jira
  • It can add sub-actions, attachments to actions cards, comments, and others
  • Resourcing capabilities to help track allocated resources
  • Desktops and Web Apps


Established in 2011 around the Kanban card, Trello has grown into one of the most loved project management tools in the market. It’s simple to use and offers clients a generous free tier. So it’s ideal for individuals and small teams who wish to familiarize themselves with basic project management.


  • Easy upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, and local drives
  • Kanban-card and calendar style boards
  • Email Integrations, Cross-Platform and more
  • Innate workflow automation functionalities
  • Flexible backgrounds and stickers


If you’re a productivity enthusiast, Asana is for you and for a good reason. It’s a visually appealing and collaborative software that helps project managers and teams to track, work, tasks, and various projects.

Asana ranks among the most popular project management tools today. Its design will keep you engaged and active while using it. Over time, it will increase your team’s accountability and collaboration.


  • Modern design and customizable dashboards
  • Email integration and custom calendar
  • Customizable project management views, like boards, lists, and timeline
  • Real-time analytics
  • Capability to add due dates, comments, and more
  • Allows workload tracking to help members handle individual tasks


Airtable reinvents traditional project management features and gives it a more visual flair. When using the tool, management of projects is a breeze and feels more like a truly collaborative experience. It comes with several views, including table view, Kanban, gallery, and calendar. It’s the perfect tool for those not used to working in Google Sheets or Excel.


  • Time-tracking
  • Flexible project views
  • 50 + pre-build apps
  • Shared team calendar and pre-made templates
  • Resource management
  • Automation that allows the team to create tasks and send notifications

Bottom Line

In conclusion, selecting the right project management software is important. It will boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. Additionally, it will optimize decision-making and even enhance customer satisfaction. So, don’t hesitate to invest in the above tools to improve your business workflow.