Growing a Business With Automated Marketing and CRM

Managing a business is a challenging task and usually time-consuming. That’s why business owners will always opt for solutions that can simplify their lives while improving their business efficiency.

Luckily, technology has made it easier to handle business tasks and goals. One such technology is CRM.

Here, we’ll dive more into CRM and provide you with a list of the best CRM systems you can use for your business. Without delay, let’s dive in.

What is CRM?

We can better define CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) as the strategies, tools, technologies, and techniques utilized by businesses to develop, retain, and secure new customers.

CRM software ensures that businesses have a seamless, efficient, and hassle-free relationship with their customers. As a result, it increases the overall profits of a business.

The tool collects customers’ data from several channels. Therefore, CRM keeps comprehensive information on customers’ orders and requests, personal information, and even purchase behavior patterns. Besides that, the software handles sales and marketing, plus provides customer service.

Integrated with productivity and functionality tools, CRM software can improve everything about your business, from contacting customers to managing marketing campaigns.

Perhaps one of the significant benefits of CRM tools is how it automates marketing tasks. As we said above, the software can track and compile customers’ data. You can depend on the software to boost your marketing efforts.

That’s not all! Using CRM, you can better personalize your marketing efforts and target your campaigns to a specific audience. Additionally, you can generate faultless, efficient customer service and sales to address customer queries and concerns.

Benefits of Using a CRM Software

Simplifies Task Management

Using CRM, you can manage daily business processes, thus streamlining enterprise-related tasks for every employee.

Employees and management will be able to handle prospective leads, monitor sales, and schedule calls and emails. Also, they can follow up to make sure customers and opportunities are always available.

Improve Customer Support

CRM software makes customer service easier than ever before. Your sales funnel will be on top of tasks. As such, your client will receive instant replies, and you won’t get lost in daily mix-ups.

Boost Sales

Since the CRM tool has the capability of customizing and strategizing better marketing efforts, it can significantly boost your business sales. Combined with distinct factors, the software makes sales seamless. It gives your enterprise the tools and techniques required to handle clients.

The 3 Best CRM Systems in The Market

There are several CRM software in the market, and they all come with unique features and different functions. Therefore, it’s wise to select a CRM system that can effectively meet the needs of your enterprise.

Below, we’ve provided you with three great CRM systems preferred by most business owners. Let’s have a look at them!


Zoho is an easy-to-use CRM software. You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out. It comes with an easy interface perfect for both beginners and experts alike. This CRM software allows you to enjoy a variety of features, from accounting, to tracking sales, and even collaborative projects.

This CRM software allows you to create sales processes if you’re just starting out and automate processes that are already up and running. Zoho also allows you to generate customer portals and access real-time data for every client.

Besides that, the CRM software has a detailed library of personalized integrations, extensions, and enterprise solutions you can leverage to make the system fit your company’s needs.


Salesforce is perhaps one of the best CRM software. It provides business owners with a wide range of CRM tools and features, plus capabilities. The software makes it easier for businesses to track and convert leads.

Although it’s mostly used by large organizations, it’s ideal for companies of all sizes, thanks to its suite of tools and resources.

Besides that, the software is easy to use. You can address every aspect of your business, from contacting clients, to automating workflows, to creating leads. Employees can even network with clients in real-time.


Last but not least, we have HubSpot. It’s ideal for businesses that focus mainly on customers. The CRM software will help you handle every business aspect.

HubSpot address issues like customers networking and helps business track sales. Enterprises can monitor sales in real-time and manage various aspects, including planning appointments, social media posts, and sales calls.

The best part is you can improve your marketing efforts. The CRM software provides clients with several marketing tools, such as optimized web pages, customer email templates, and SEO ROI measuring and tracking. This way, you can figure out if your investments are working.

Integrations with Google’s G-Suite, Office 365, and other platforms make HubSpot the best solution for businesses of all sizes.

Saving on CRM Systems

When selecting the right CRM software for your business, take into consideration one factor: cost. Like everything else, cost plays a significant role in CRM software. Therefore, you need to a select software that’s within your budget and can meet your business needs.

Save your enterprise money while enjoying all the benefits of CRM by testing various software to determine which one best fits your needs. Enjoy all this without having to part with lots of upfront money for the software.

Luckily, most CRM systems come with free trials. So, find the software that interests you and check if it offers free trials. Don’t forget to compare the pricing of the different software online so you can get the best deals or discounts.