The Best Travel Deals to Las Vegas

In this article we will discuss the best travel deals currently available for Las Vegas. See below for incredible hotel, dining and entertainment deals.

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Las Vegas has something for everybody. Whether you want to live like a king, splurge on great food or adhere to a strict budget, you can find what you are looking for in Las Vegas.

Lately the Las Vegas strip has been home to the best travel deals we have seen in years. The hotels and casinos are eager to lure back travelers with good deals and if you are looking to go on vacation you might as well take advantage of these deals while they last. Most of these deals are limited time only and will go away once travel and tourism begins to pick back up.

It’s also possible to bundle a number of these deals together in what is called a Las Vegas Package. For example you can bundle your hotel, dining and entertainment all with the same company to save even more money on your trip.

Hotel Deals

The hotel deals currently on offer are unprecedented. It’s possible to book a luxury hotel at the center of the Las Vegas strip for pennies on the dollar. Treasure Island is currently offering “buy 1 night get another night free” along with free parking. Note that this deal applies to any room or suite at the luxury hotel. The Luxor Hotel and Casino is offering rooms for only $31 per night, Flamingo is only $19.95 per night, MGM Grand is $55 per night and Caesar’s Palace is only $49 per night.

There are so many hotels offering accommodation for under $50 per night that we cannot even list them all here. What this means is that now is the time to visit Las Vegas and take advantage of these one in a generation type of hotel deals.

Dining Deals

It is also very affordable to dine at world class restaurants right now in Las Vegas. Restaurants are offering big discounts in an effort to draw in patrons and make their restaurants busy once again.

Primeburger Las Vegas is now offering 40% off food and drinks when you dine with four or more people. Senor Frogs in the Treasure Island hotel is offering a similar discount of 40% off dining for a limited time. There are also 2-for-1 beer discounts available at Treasure Island in case you are looking to go for drinks. Mandalay Bay is offering a $50 per day food and beverage credit for anyone who stays in their hotel property which basically means you’ll be getting a free dinner every single night.

If you’d like to eat a bit healthier, then Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant is offering 50% off to all customers if you purchase a coupon from Groupon. However, the absolute best dining deal you can find in Las Vegas comes from Right now you can buy a coupon for 80% off all dining and apply this coupon to a number of different restaurants across Las Vegas.

Entertainment Deals

When in Las Vegas it is likely you will want to take in some attractions and party. The good news is there are plenty of deals to help with that as well. Right now you can get 64% off a Party Bus VIP Experience. This entitles you to an exclusive tour of the hottest nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip,  complementary drinks, front of line access and a VIP host.

If driving fast is your cup of tea, there is 75% off a VIP Racing Experience. If it will be a hot day and you want to take in some of Las Vegas’ best pool parties, then consider the 50% off coupon for the Vegas Hip Hop Pool Crawl and Party Bus. This will take you to 4 of the hottest pool clubs in Las Vegas where you can expect to receive VIP treatment.


It’s rare to find such good vacation deals in Las Vegas. The city has something for everyone, so if you are looking to have a luxury vacation without spending a bunch of money then consider Las Vegas.

It is possible to have a great vacation for just a couple hundred dollars if you take advantage of the deals we have outlined in the article. And if you are lucky at the casino you might even be able to get a vacation for completely free!  

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