The Best Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone

Here is where you can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 for free with any trade in. Check out these deals now.

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Unlike some other technology companies, Samsung is offering discounts on both unlocked and carrier options, guaranteeing the perfect deal for any smartphone user. Specifically, AT&T and Verizon are holding special promotions right now. Let’s take a look!

With a 128GB capacity, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 is priced at just $799. There is also the Galaxy S22 Plus which costs $999 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra which costs $1,199. While these prices might seem expensive, it is important to consider there are significant discounts available on these retail prices.

In fact, we would never recommend paying full retail price for a Galaxy S22 as a savvy shopper can get this phone for nearly free by taking advantage of the best discounts that are available.

With a a 6.1-inch AMOLED display, new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and a triple rear-camera array, the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers features that are major improvement compared to the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S22 has either a 128GB or 256GB storage capacity. It seems that the new chip in the S22 should give this model a higher performance level compared to older Samsung devices as well as improved battery life.

Our curated list of the best deals offered by Samsung for the Galaxy S22 can be found below. Included is a description of each promotion as well as the new device. We believe that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S22 compare favorably to its main competitors such as the Apple iPhone 14, the Google Pixel 7 or the Google Pixel 6.

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Free With Trade In

Free Phone From AT&T – AT&T’s is currently offering a promotion where you can get the Galaxy S22 for completely free with a trade in. In order to receive this phone for free you will need to sign up for an unlimited data plan with AT&T. You can trade in any old Galaxy Phone and get the Galaxy S22 for free.

Free Phone From Verizon – You can find a similar deal offered to you by Verizon Wireless. You can get a free Galaxy S22 with trade in when you sign up for an unlimited data plan. If you want the Galaxy S22 Plus or the S22 Ultra you will receive $800 off the retail price when you trade in your old phone.

Purchase Discounts

Save $300 With Spectrum Mobile – You can save $300 on the price of a Samsung Galaxy S22 from Spectrum Mobile right now. This is available to new customers or existing customers who want to upgrade to the latest cell phone plans.

$800 Trade in Credit from Samsung Store – if you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 unlocked you can do this from the Samsung store or the Samsung website. They are offering an $800 trade in credit when you trade in any old Samsung phone. The benefit of this deal is that you can then use whatever carrier you want which allows you to save money on your monthly cell phone bill.

In Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the best Android phone on the market. You will certainly be impressed by its camera, it’s battery life and all of the new features you can find.

The best part of this phone is how cheap it is. By searching for the best Samsung deals you will be able to receive this phone for basically free or at a huge discount of 90% off. Anybody who wants to upgrade their cell phone should check out these deals now before they run out.

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