The Best Power Scooters That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Seniors who require a power scooter will be happy to learn that they can get a brand new one covered by Medicare.

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We start experiencing a significant decrease in our physical strength as we grow older. Some seniors find it harder to walk and move around due to a variety of different medical conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s disease.

We understand how difficult it can be to rely on others for your mobility. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to keep living an active life even if you develop mobility issues. Power scooters are one of the best options to help seniors get their mobility back. Scooters enable you to enjoy a stress-free life while giving you the opportunity to move freely in homes and public places.

Mobility scooters are not just limited to compact models; you can now buy fully-loaded vehicles with enough cargo space to carry a full load of groceries. When purchasing a mobility scooter, you need to focus on elements like your specific mobility needs, where and how you are planning to use the scooter, and your budget.

We’ve tested different models of mobility scooters to prepare a list of best options in the market. Before you consider buying a mobility scooter, you should talk to your physician and find out if it’s good for your health or not.

Fortunately, you can now find state-of-the-art mobility scooters designed by expert engineers. In this article, we’ll try to focus on scooters that are available at affordable rates. But we’ll also highlight a few premium options so you can make an informed decision.

Bargain Scooters

These manufacturers have designed affordable scooters for those who cannot pay over $1,000 for a power scooter.

The Drive Medical Spitfire Pro SE 4 is an ideal option for those who want to buy a reasonably priced mobility scooter. It costs only $699 and you can find this scooter on Amazon. You have to pay an additional $200 if you want to buy a scooter with an extended battery life. This scooter comes with a durable plastic basket where you can keep your essentials while traveling. It comes with 5 color panels that can be changed whenever you want. The standard range is 9 miles, but you can increase the range to 15 miles if you upgrade to the extended battery pack.

The Travel Pro Premium 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is another amazing option that has been serving seniors for years. This mobility scooter is available for $599 on Amazon. This scooter is perfectly suitable for tight areas as it offers an excellent level of maneuverability. You can easily transport the scooter by dissembling it into five pieces.

The 3rd option on our list is Drive Medical Scout Spitfire Scooter. This three-wheeled scooter comes at a price of $749. The best thing about this scooter is that you can enjoy amazing maneuverability and legroom while riding it. We do not recommend it for rough terrain because it is less stable than most four-wheeled scooters. However, it’s an ideal option for those who want to use it on smooth surfaces or inside the home. This scooter is very popular among customers as demonstrated by its 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Premium Scooters

As we’ve mentioned above, you can also find luxury scooters on the market in 2020. So, let’s talk about these scooters now.

The Buzzaround EX Extreme is an incredible scooter that allows you to travel for 18 miles after a full charge. This 4-wheel heavy-duty scooter offers an extreme level of durability. You can buy this product on Amazon for $1,645.

This scooter is best known for its extensive legroom that enables you to enter or exit the scooter without any hassle. You can easily store it in your car’s trunk by dissembling it. You can even use this scooter at night as it comes with an adjustable LED headlight.

The EV Rider Transport Folding Scooter is another great option you can use to meet your mobility needs. This scooter is perfectly suited for those who frequently travel abroad as it comes with an automatic folding/unfolding feature. It comes with a digital display, a removable seat, armrests, a one-year extended warranty, and front/rear view lights. You can find this scooter on Amazon for $1,499. We must say it’s the best option available in the market.

The GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter offers amazing comfort and portability at a price of $1,649. You can easily store it in your car’s trunk by dissembling it. When this scooter is folded it takes up only two square feet. This lightweight scooter comes with a premium ion battery. It is one of the most portable mobility scooters available on our list. With a 4.3-star rating, it has proved to be one of the best mobility scooters on the market.

Insurance Coverage for Scooters

If you require a power scooter, the good news is that you can get it covered by Medicare Part B. A power scooter is considered a piece of durable medical equipment, which means that is is covered by Medicare. Keep in mind you will need to prove that your health condition requires a scooter, so be prepared to have a doctor’s note when claiming this expense.

In general, you can expect Medicare Part B to pay 80% of the cost of a power scooter and then you will be required to pay the remaining 20% of the cost. This is a great way to save money, especially for seniors who may be on a limited budget.

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