Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

You will agree with me that many homeowners fail to add their windows to their list of upgrades when it comes to home renovation.

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You may be one of the homeowners that don’t know the right time to replace your windows.

However, in this article, we’ll take you through multiple signs that let you know it is time to upgrade your windows.

Your windows are warped or damaged

As your windows age, they can begin to show signs that you need to look at them. Windows can crack, break and become a danger to you.

If your windows show any of the signs listed below, it means they’re warped or damaged, and it’s time to replace them.

  • Your window is drafty
  • It refuses to stay open
  • It gathers condensation or fogs up
  • It sticks whenever you open or close it
  • Your window is cracked or has rotten frames
  • There are visible damages like water stains, broken frames, and chipping

All of the signs listed above can make your windows unusable, so you should please change your windows before it causes more significant damage whenever you notice any of the signs.

Your energy bill is very high

Do you know that your windows could be responsible for your high energy bill? According to a report by, it makes us understand that, as your windows get older and ineffective, it could increase your energy bill.

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If you have drafty windows, your monthly energy bills could increase 10 to 25%. Also, if you have an air-conditioner present in your home and your window has cracks or gaps, you will surely have a high monthly energy bill.

Due to the cracks and gaps in your windows, you’ll spend more trying to cool your home, so you should replace your windows as soon as possible.

A good window should be able to keep out heat and retain your home’s temperature.

Your home is due for an upgrade

Every beautiful object will surely fade one day, and the same logic applies to your windows.

With time, your home exterior may become outdated, and this can happen because of the following reasons;

  • harsh weather and bright sunlight
  • home design trends

Time can make your lovely window to be cracked and undesirable. According to Forbes, your windows can fade around their insulation or trim and have an old tattered look that you won’t be proud of.

Once you begin to notice that your window is fading fast, it is the right time to change it. It makes a lot of sense to change from outdated window designs to something trendy to give your home a modern look.

A severe storm hits your home

If your neighborhood gets hit by severe storms regularly, your windows will surely get busted now and then. However, when the damage takes place, it shouldn’t take long before you fix the cracks.

Furthermore, if you live in a vicinity where the weather produces a constant effect like humidity, sea salt, and temperature swings, their adverse effects will make your windows age quickly.

To stay prepared and get your home ready for any severe weather conditions, you need to replace your windows with a modern window design that will get the job done.

When we talk about windows that can handle severe weather conditions, we’re talking about thicker windows capable of holding off hurricanes, harsh sunlight, and ice storms.

Here are the best types of windows

Now that you’re ready to change your windows, you must level up using windows that suit your specific needs and your home design.

Bear in mind that you don’t just want to change your windows; you need an upgrade, and making the right choice can go a long way in determining the life expectance of your window.

According to Consumer Reports, the following types of windows are the best available in the market if you’re ready to take action now.

Wood double-hung

These window designs have a wooden frame and two operational sash that lets you open the window from the bottom, top, or both as you please.

Vinyl double-hung

This window design is similar to the wooden one, although its frames are built from vinyl.

Fiberglass double-hung

The Fiberglass double-hung window design is similar to the vinyl and wooden structure; however, it has a different frame and can be opened from the top, bottom, or both ends.

Wood casement

These window designs have wooden frames that are hinged from the sides and can be opened outward, like a door.

Vinyl Casement

This is identical in design to the wooden casement. However, the difference is that it features a vinyl frame and not wood.

How to replace windows for cheap

Now that you’re ready to replace your outdated windows, the next hurdle will be to find out how to upgrade your windows without paying over the top.

Many companies like Champion Windows offer buy 2 get 2 free deals when replacing your windows. Window Nation is currently offering 50% off all windows while Weatherguard is also offering half off all window sizes and treatments.

One of the best ways to stay within budget is to compare pricing and get quotations from various contractors in your area.

During summer, there’s usually massive interest in home renovations, and this is when most contractors will offer you discounts, special offers, and incentives to win your business.

Search for good contractors in your area that are competent and can get the job done at the lowest possible rate.

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